In a fast-paced world, packing a balanced meal to work or office might seem tedious at first. But it is not such a chore as many people think. Plan your meals ahead or incorporate a weekly tiffin box diet plan to ensure you cover a variety of foods. Simple steps, such as packing a few oatmeal crackers and nuts along with lunch, help include essential nutrients into your lunch box. Your diet plan can also comprise fruits and vegetables that are in season, when their nutritive bounty is at its peak. To cover as many healthy foods as possible, consider creating a weekly meal plan that helps negate repetitive diet patterns.


Apart from your main meal, you can also include one or many of following items as part your lunchbox diet:

  • A fruit or an assortment of cut fruits; avoid carrying cut apples or pears as they may turn brown upon exposure to air. You can instead carry them whole.
  • Healthy snacks, such as nuts, whole-wheat crackers, homemade muesli, vegetable sticks etc. Make sure you carry these in an insulated food jar, for freshness.
  • Juices, smoothies, or milkshakes. You can carry these in a thermos flask, to keep them hot or cold, as required.
  • Salads

You can also pack homemade lollipops for your kids to have while riding the bus back home.

Packaging a wholesome diet into a tiffin box can take some time. However, with Vaya Tyffyn and the accessories that come as part of the package, you can pack a wholesome meal in minutes. And the best part is food looks good in Vaya lunch boxes!