India is one of the best summer tourist destinations in the world; it literally has something to suit everyone. If you want to beat the summer heat and cool off on a snowy mountain, the country is the place for you; if you want to live on a beach for a month and surf every day, India is the place for you; if you want to be on a beach all by yourself, most cities have a beach with your name on it. Read below to see some of the best summer destinations in the country.


Ladakh, a region in Northern India that is located in both Jammu and Kashmir. It is a fantastic location for wildlife enthusiasts, pilgrims, and romantic travelers. It has amazing views of mountains, beautiful monasteries, and a fantastic and interesting local culture. It is one of those places which tops the travel enthusiasts’ list of favorite places in the country!


Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh; it is an exclusive destination, so it may cost you a little to go. But the costs are worth it. Manali has just about everything you could ever want to do during the summer: paragliding, hiking, hand gliding, and even yak rides are available. Like the rest of India, Manali also has its fair share of ancient temples and monasteries, so even history buffs can have a good time.


Shimla is one of India’s most classis summer destinations. It is the perfect place for people who absolutely want to avoid the summer heat since it is a high-altitude mountainous region, aka there is lots of snow. Since it is a very old summer destination, it naturally has lots of things to do. You can sight see, hike, picnic, camp, visit waterfalls, whatever you want to do really.


Pachmarhi is one of India’s hidden gems. It’s located in Central India and is much loved for its leisurely and slow atmosphere. Life seems to slow down when you’re in Pachmarhi. It is the perfect place for people who are trying to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city and want to get back to nature. While you’re there you can explore the Pandava caves, visit waterfalls, and spend time relaxing at gorgeous lakes.

The list would never be complete without mentioning Goa, which has beautiful beaches that you can spend your whole summer on! An important thing while you travel is to carry a sustainable stainless-steel water bottle so you do your part in not using the single-use plastic bottles. Make sure you create a check list before you plan your travel, so you get to enjoy the most!