Just like diamonds, handbags are no less than best friends for all women. There are so many different kinds of bags available in the market, and the designs will never stop; the range of bags start from comfort, cross through durability and end on luxury. There are only enough bags that you can ever have. Pick and choose any occasion, and you would find yourself looking for the perfect bag that will complement your overall look. Bags are made up of multiple materials like canvas, leather, vinyl and more. So what is your pick? Here are five types of bags that every woman should own. 

Must-Have Bags That You Should Have In Your Closet

1. Sling Bag


Date night? Or Clubbing? Or your best friend’s wedding? Sling bags are the best when it comes to either of these three occasions. They are available in multiple colours, patterns and designs, so you can always pick and choose the bag that will go the best with your attire. Although sling bags are not very spacious, you cannot carry your big water bottle or your Bluetooth speakers inside, but you can always take your most favourite lipstick, your wallet and a little body mist in that bag. These bags are not for regular use and are typically used for all special occasions. So make sure that you get yourself at least one of these bags in your favourite colour and save yourself the last-minute rush of fixing your outfit with the right bag. A sling bag is a must-have! 

2. Zippered Bag


We understand that you cannot always carry bags that do not have a safety zip aligned to the bag’s hem. On days when you are taking a lot of stuff in your bag, and you need just to push them inside and make sure that they do not come out, your only single option is to carry them all in a zippered bag. Zippered bags are available in all sizes, so the variation and range are vast in terms of the space and how you can put them into use. Apart from big sized zippered bags, you can also get yourself some zippered pouches that you can use in your travel bag to carry your small essential items. Zippered bags will help you organise your things better as you travel because you can label them as morning routine, makeup, or even jewellery! 

3. Shoulder Bag


Shoulder bags are everyone’s favourite. They are very spacious, easy to carry as they come with a long strap, and so you will never feel that they are even 1% uncomfortable. You can use these bags regularly for all your daily needs. Dump all your gym clothes, sipper, and you can carry this bag to the gym. Throw in your art supplies, and you are ready for your art class or just wrap this bag on your shoulder and go out of your house just for some regular work around the block for some fresh grocery products. You will always find enough occasions to use this bag if you buy it. After all, where else will you get a bag that looks regular but solves your purpose completely. 

4. Lunch Bag


Heard about insulated lunch bags that will keep your food warm till it is lunchtime? Well, that is the prime invention that was made for all the foodies stuck in corporate firms all throughout the day. Lunch bags and people who love to cook are a match made in heaven. These bags are also super trendy as they are available in multiple bright colours and often come with a comfortable strap that you can make use of while carrying the lunch bag along with your other bags that you take to work. So, just pick your style, your favourite shade and get yourself a lunch bag today itself. Another positive aspect about lunch bags is that you can be completely free from all the worries of spilling your curry inside your regular handbag. No more spill and thrill; just get yourself a lunch bag and treat yourself to safe, hygienic, warm and tasty food every single day! 

5. Tote Bag


Tote bags are for all the women who are never satisfied with the number of things that they need to carry outside as they go out. Possibly, if a woman ever wanted, she would even bring her house inside the tote bag. The love that women have for tote bags is simply beyond any explanation. Tote bags are also known as hobo bags, and they are huge; and they also come with multiple compartments so that you can keep all your things organised in that space.  But just because they are big in size does not mean that they are not well crafted. Tote bags are the best for all women if they want a mix of style, comfort and the feeling of being independent. It is not wrong if a woman wants to carry all the items that she might need in due course of the day, even if there is just a tiny chance of it because, if anything, a tote bag only makes a woman self-sufficient. So, make sure that you have a tote bag in your closet come what may! 

Final Statement

These are a few bags that every woman should have and most women love. So, make up your mind, open your closet and check if you have all of them. If you don’t, then just hop into a cab and buy the bag right away. There is a fair chance that if you own all of these bags of different kinds, you will simply never need to look for other options. If you are looking to gift a woman something and are confused, just get a pretty handbag. It is rightly said that “you cannot buy happiness, but you can buy a handbag, and that is almost the same thing”. So, what are you waiting for?