There have been a lot of changes in everyone’s lives due to the pandemic, and one such significant change is in the education sector. Children have barely been to school for the past one and a half years and resorted to online classes. This kind of studying is novel for both kids and parents. While laptops and phones have become a regular in their lives, there are other things they need that would help them be more productive and creative. It is important to create as much of a study space as you can for them. There are some amazing school from home accessories, which can make their online classes viable and smooth. Here are study essentials every kid needs.

1. Portable Table

portable table

The kid can study wherever they please with this table conveniently. A multipurpose portable table is a perfect school from home essential to have. As the online classes of your kid are going to be conducted virtually, this table is easy to move as they can study anywhere and everywhere. Most portable tables also come with a cup holder. This will allow them to have their water, milk or juice while attending the classes with ease. This table can prove to be a great investment as anyone in the house can use it.

2. Water Bottle for Kids

water bottle for kids

A kids’ water bottle is essential as children need to have their own bottle rather than the one everyone at home uses. Kids like things more personalized as they tend to give them more importance. So, when you get them their personal bottle, you can be rest assured that they will use the water bottle quite well. Water bottles for kids should be stainless steel as the water stays healthier, and it also keeps the water at the desired temperature. You can also add juices to it to make sure they are hydrated as well as drinking something healthy.

3. Planners


Planners are essential for every kid to stay on top of their game. They can keep track of their online class timetable through the tracker and also write down their deadlines for assignments and submissions. A planner is a perfect tool for everyone who needs to stay organized and stay up to date on their work. A planner can be in the form of a diary or a notebook, or multiple sheets of paper they can stick on their cupboard or wall.

4. Desk Lamp

desk lamp

A lamp will be a perfect buy if your child tends to stay up late at night to study or complete their homework or assignments. A desk lamp also helps alleviate eye strain with its perfect lighting. And, if you are going for a lamp, then why not something which has built-in wireless charging? Your child can use it along with the portable table mentioned and study where they please.

5. Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

When your kid is multitasking between homework deadliness, online zoom classes, and helping in the kitchen, wireless headphones can be a lifesaver! A pair of noise-canceling ones can be the best as they block out every external noise, helping your child give their full attention to the classes. Good quality ones can be used for a long time to come, and your child will love them! It is preferable when these headphones come with a mic, as your child can answer conveniently when needed.

6. Paper Organizer

paper organizer

An organized workspace is the equivalent of half the battle won against procrastination. A filing cabinet or paper organizer can help them store all their notes, scribbles, and important assignments in one place so that they can access them easily whenever they need to refer to them. These organizers come with different sections, allowing your child to keep their work separately and access them without any confusion.

7. Coffee Mug

coffee mug

A coffee mug is essential for an energy boost once in a while. You can give them milk or coffee so that they feel a little energized after all those tiring classes. Having their own mug can make them feel a little more comfortable. Also, constant time in front of the laptop can make them feel exhausted, and a hot beverage can boost their mood and lift their spirits.

8. Desk Study Table

desk study table

A study table cannot be ignored when it comes to an essential your child needs. A desk study table is bound to make them feel more productive, wanting to complete works and attend classes with concentration as opposed to attending classes lying on the bed. A study table with multiples drawers and leg space is ideal for your child. You can also set their books on the shelves or drawers to save space and avoid things being scattered everywhere.

9. Anti Reflection Glasses

Anti Reflection Glasses

It becomes extremely difficult to stare at the PC or laptop for hours during online classes. This might harm your kid’s eyesight in the long run as they are literally sitting in front of the computer for 8-10 hours every day, not to mention the extra time for games, cartoons, homework, etc. To save them from an inevitable problem, buying them spectacles with zero power and anti-reflection features is a good idea. There are other features you can consider like, durability, lightweight and stylish designs.

10. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

A stylish desk organizer is a must for a desk study table. Kids tend to leave their stationery everywhere, and this could prove to be very inconvenient, especially for you. A desk organizer will make sure your kid’s stationery is in place, and they or you don’t have to spend hours looking for scissors or a compass. Most of these organizers are divided into compartments for pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes, etc.


The need for focus, concentration, and productivity is high as children as online classes, which is a trend, are now a necessity. Kids often tend to get distracted as staying home does that to everyone, but getting few essentials can ensure they work hard and work better. These study essentials are bound to do the same. So, go ahead and create a great study space for your child. Also, make sure you don’t exceed your budget unnecessarily!