One of the advantages that women have is the handbag. It is the ultimate travel accessory, because it is stylish and functional all at the same time. Most women already have their set of handbag must-haves; items they absolutely can’t do without. For most women, this is an array of toiletries and makeup supplies. But we live in a modern world and there are some things you should include to deal with modern problems. Keep reading to learn about five items every woman should carry in their handbag every day, apart from their water bottle and toiletries.

1.Safety pins

A safety pin is a true lifesaving item. It can get you out of all types of fashion binds. If you pop a button, or tear a seam, you can have your outfit looking passable within moments, just by using a safety pin. It’s not just good for your emergencies, but everyone else’s. A well-timed safety pin save can make you the heroine of the day. Make sure you carry a bunch in a small pouch or wallet, you don’t know when it will come handy!

2.Extra sets of earrings backs

There is absolutely nothing worse than losing the back of your earrings when you’re out in public. It can devastate your entire look if you’re not careful. Keep a small bag of earring backs in your purse, and you won’t have to worry about walking with just one earring ever again. Another hack is to carry a set of earrings, just in case you are prone to losing a whole earring!

3.USB flash drive

A flash drive is something everyone should have on them in today’s computer-based world. You can store entire virtual computer systems on a flash drive, meaning you can turn any computer into your personal computer in mere moments. But most importantly, you’ll never know when you need to do a file transfer. Just make sure the flash drive is encrypted so if you lose it, your data won’t be accessible.

4.Battery charger

The best cell phone battery lasts only around 12-18 hours if you’re not streaming, texting, and making phone calls constantly. If you use it frequently, it may only last a few hours, which is why you always want to make sure to have a spare battery on hand. You never want to find yourself with a dead phone when you’re out and about. A spare battery can also be used to charge other devices such as headphones and tablets.

5.Hand sanitizer

This pandemic has shown that we need to be mindful of the surfaces we touch. There are harmful bacteria and pollutants everywhere, and sometimes there’s no bathroom to wash your hands available. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag and use it regularly. Add a bottle of sanitizer to your personal hygiene paraphernalia, and carry with you religiously everywhere you go!

A tote, a backpack or a sling bag, the fact that you can pack all that you will need when you are out and about, definitely gets you prepared for the day in the best way possible. And, when you have bags that are not just handy but also complement your outfit for the day, it’s definitely win-win! Keep revisiting your must-have-in-handbag checklist to ensure you have all that you will need when you are out and about doing your thing!