Shopping for people who love to cook is a challenge, especially if you are utterly clueless about what’s already there in their inventory. For culinary experts, it is always advisable to search for something practical and personal. Cooking is an art, and every cook deserves something special. These are the people who treat you with different cuisines, desserts, and dishes. When you gift a cook something special, you will notice the way their eyes light up with glee. This makes the whole shopping trip worth it! But, if you are still perplexed about what to buy for someone who loves cooking things up, then you are in the right place! Here are few gift ideas for that friend who loves cooking!

1. Casseroles


A casserole is a great idea for your working friend. It can give them the flexibility to prepare food in the morning and store it for long hours as it will easily retain the freshness and warmth. Your friend will not stop thanking you for this thoughtful gift! Most casseroles have the feature of keeping the food warm for at least 4 – 5 hours! They also come in different sizes for different foods like rotis, rice, curries, pasta, soup, etc. You can store both cold and hot food and trust it to maintain the temperature. 

2. Wooden Utensils


Are you planning a gift for someone who has a fully stocked kitchen? Then get your hands on some wood utensils, which are naturally colored and are versatile and beautiful for every cook! The set should include a scraper, flat sauté, and a spreader so that they can be used for everything from scooping peanut butter to scrambling a breakfast worthy of an army. Maintaining them is easy as a simple hand wash will do!

3. Hot Case

hot case

A hot case is a perfect gift for all those winter days when your friend loves baking different things but gets disappointed at how fast they cool down. A hot case can preserve the warmth for long hours, thus allowing them to experiment as much as they want. Their family will be able to taste and relish their expertise at their will and convenience. So, it is time to gift your friend with a hot case. You will find a lot of online options with some stylish designs and features. 

4. Insulated Food Jar

food jar

If your friend has fun cooking up new stuff every morning but doesn’t find the time to do so in the middle of the day or heat it later, then this insulated food jar is what they need! It can keep the food warm or cold for at least 6 hours so that they can slurp on that soup or binge on that dessert whenever they want. If they work from home or go to the office, this jar will easily allow them and their family to enjoy their favorite dish.

5. Knife Storage

knife storage

A knife storage is an excellent idea for your friend who is an expert in cooking and baking. Their love for meat deserves a knife storage box. This box can carry different knives for different uses. The knives can be used for chopping, cutting, slicing, etc. This will give them the precision they need! So, let your friend wear their apron and chef hat and get cooking with this perfect gift! 

6. Serving Tray


A serving tray is an excellent idea for your friend who has lots of guests coming into their house frequently. You can get a customized pattern of your choice and also a monogram. They can use it to serve snacks or beverages. They can also use it to keep odds and ends on their coffee table or ottoman. It is a stylish and useful holiday gift for your friend who loves to entertain guests. It is also great for new homeowners or newlyweds too!

7. Cookbook

cook book

There is something to be said about a classic. An iconic cookbook is one of the most thoughtful gifts for your friends who love to whip up new recipes every now and then. A cookbook contains hundreds of recipes, and it will take them ages to try them all. It will contain a chock-full of culinary wisdom and scrumptious standby recipes from the experts. You can even choose a grandma recipe book for some classic, favorite dishes. A mix of both contemporary, modern and old recipes would be an ideal choice. You can find it in any stationery shop, and online offers different choices too!

8. Baking Dish

baking dish

This French cookware’s timeless favorite has the ability to retain heat for a long time, and its clever design serves both as a serving platter and baking dish. Just flip over the lid and use it to plate up everything from gooey brownies to egg casserole to almost anything! Your friend who is crazy about baking will absolutely cherish this gift! You can head online to buy this item.

9. Bluetooth Speakers

bluetooth speaker

If your culinary expert friend has a love for music, then you can do them a favor by getting them, Bluetooth speakers. Most speakers are small and water-resistant so that your friend can easily keep them near them in the kitchen while cooking. They can even groove to the music if they want. Just like exercising, cooking too needs some motivating music sometimes. Your friend is definitely going to hug you hard when she sees your thoughtfulness behind the gift. They can even listen to podcasts or different audios to keep up with their favorite things. A Bluetooth speaker also comes with a good amount of battery backup. This will allow them to use it outdoors too!

10. Iron Skillet

cast iron skillet

An iron skillet is a much better idea than aluminum vessels. They are healthier and long-lasting. It is a fantastic gift for your friend who loves to cook new stuff all the time. It has good heat distribution and is a must-have in every kitchen! It might cost you a little, but it is totally worth it for your friend! 


Whether you are looking for a gift for a foodie or a gadget-obsessed cook, or someone who loves to experiment with different dishes, getting them a great gift is now super easy! With the market filled with different options, getting them a perfect gift might leave you scratching your chin. These ideas a