Firstly, it is impossible not to fall in love with cooking, but this article will change your world if you are one of the rare ones. The rigorous months of lockdown due to the coronavirus gave birth to many small businesses, home chefs, artists and activists. A lot of people gave in to the trendy dalgona and a lot of shakshouka on the casseroles, but if you are not one of them, here are a few pro tips on how to fall absolutely delusionally in love with cooking! Check it out right now!

How to Equate Cooking, Art and Love, Together?

1. Food Bloggers


How can you not fall in love with all the reels and video of mouth-watering food posted online by the food bloggers? Instagram is a growing hub for all the foodies. You would come across various pictures and videos of casseroles of biryani, sizzling brownies and the cheesy deep-dish pizzas. That is a sure-shot way of falling in love with food and eventually cooking because of all the recipe videos of cupcakes, kinds of pasta and more! 

2. Pick Your Favourite Ingredient


Cooking becomes more manageable if you just pick your favourite ingredient. Suppose you love eggs, so just take a minute and start thinking about all the dishes you can make at home and eat yourself? French Toast, Pancakes, Shakshouka and Cakes? What more can you possibly want in your life rather than having food all by yourself! So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite ingredient and cook a fantastic dish and serve it hot in an insulated casserole. 

3. Add to Your Kitchen


Renovation does not necessarily mean that you have to spend lots and lots of money getting a high tech modular kitchen. Renovating or remodelling your kitchen within a budget will include adding a few stainless steel jars, canisters, a new oven, a few fridge magnets and a set of new plates that you can use to serve your gala dinners. If your kitchen looks good and feels good, then it gets easier to bridge the distance between your heart and the task of cooking a wholesome spread.

4. Call Your Friends Home


The best thing that you can do is call your friends home and start cooking just for fun as an activity. You would be amazed to see the number of dishes you guys can cook together and how many styles, hacks, and cuisines you collectively know. Often, a fun activity that just starts with an effort of spending some time together ends up becoming a thing of love. 

5. Treat It Like as a Form of Self Love


It is believed that there is no greater love than the love for good food. Cooking is a form of self-love because there are days when you think about having just two boiled eggs for lunch along with some salad, but it gradually develops into an omelette and finally into a spicy toast! Cooking is not about what you expect on certain days; it is mostly about what you do not expect but end up getting! Remember that the best thing you can do when you are having a bad day is to bake a brownie cake and have it all by yourself! If that is not self-love, then you will never know what is!

6. Cook for Your Loved Ones


Cooking takes time, love and a lot of patience. You start with picking up the ingredients, and then you follow the steps one after the other till the dish’s aroma fills your house. If you want to feel good, then call your near and dear ones and cook for them. After all, food tastes best when shared, and you also get all that appreciation for all your hard work. 

7. Play Some Music


No one said you have to cover yourself with flour and butter and smell ginger garlic paste as you cook. Well, probably you could cover yourself up, but you can also play some music and have fun! Make sure that you create a separate playlist for all the hours you might have to spend in the kitchen. Playing a few hip energetic tracks will be an excellent idea for you to whisk that cake batter. So, get your speakers ready and start prepping that cake today! 

8. Have Your Food Hot


Only when you have your food fresh and hot, you would realise the potential of the authentic taste. A steamy hot curry, oven-fresh banana loaf or some ramen? These are picture-perfect dishes best served piping hot! So, make sure that you use some good quality insulated hot cases and casserole so that your food is hot and fresh till you reach your dinner table. Open up the lid, serve yourself the portion, and you are ready to dive deep into the beautiful mess called food! 

9. Invest in Beautiful Servewares


A cake stand, a cupcake stand, a cheese board or just s classic casserole. All these things and more can jazz up your kitchen and your cooking at the same time. Won’t you love to take a few pictures to uplift your social media game with a trending hashtag? So, take your bag, and get yourself some aesthetic serving dishes, food storage containers for your kitchen storage!

10. Give Yourself a Treat


If, even after everything, you do not feel that you are falling in love with your cooking routine, then just promise yourself a reward. It can be an extra cookie, a glass of wine or just a cheat day meal for lunch tomorrow. Set a few milestones and a few rewards, as they will help you get through the meal prep time quickly!

Final Words

These are a few tips and tricks that you can get yourself to try if you wish to fall in love with cooking. However, cooking is a form of art that actually fills your stomach and also makes you happy. You cannot reject a bowl full of crispy calamari rings. Can you? So, try your best, fall in love with cooking as it makes you independent. Cook your bowl full of calamari rings, and have it too!