The year 2020 brought a huge shift. From waking up early, cooking, and getting dressed up for work to waking up 10 minutes before your work shift and cooking at your own convenience, nothing is the same anymore. As simple as work from home looks, there are few disadvantages too. Your home space has become your workspace; this means your productivity and creativity levels need to be high in your home. Although this might not sound complicated, it is. To avoid losing your mind with the whole work from home idea, you need to get few essentials to make work from home easier and better. An insulated water bottle, a food jar with a healthy snack or food, and comfortable desk and chair are few important things that top off the list, but it doesn’t make the entire list. Read on to understand a few other things that might make working from home a breeze.

1. Desktop Table

desktop table

You cannot work from home without a desktop table. It is safe to say that it is impossible. It might seem okay to manage by using some random table or keeping the laptop on your lap. It is unhealthy for your posture and health. A desktop table will ensure an erect posture, giving you a productive space of your own. It also adds a classy look to any corner you place it in. This must-have product comes in different styles and colors. Don’t wait and get one right away! 

2. Computer Chair


A desktop table alone won’t be sufficient for your workspace without a suitable computer chair. Most computer chairs come with good back and hand rest for comfort and posture. Also, choose one whose height can be adjusted according to your desire. It will also automatically improve your productivity levels. This is essential for people who mainly have long screen time. 

3. Foot Rest


Footrests offer comfort and improve posture for you all who need to sit at your desk all day. A footrest will give you relief as you don’t have to dangle your feet in the air. You can get one according to your preference, whether it is a cushion one or an adjustable one. It can also help prevent pressure on the Achilles tendon and varicose veins, usually caused by being seated for long hours. 

4. Insulated Stainless Water Bottle

water bottle

Your body is made of 60% of water, and one of the best things you can do for yourself is to drink plenty of water. Hydration is the key to drive away half of the diseases and issues. In this course, being responsible and opting for sustainable products is the need of the hour. An insulated stainless steel water bottle is the answer. They come with excellent insulation, allowing you to store any beverage at your choice of temperature. Be it coffee, tea, juice, or soup, your drink will be perfectly fresh for hours to come. You don’t have to walk to the kitchen every time you need a cup of tea or a glass of chilled water. They are also long-lasting and sturdy. 

5. Sanitizer


In the wake of this pandemic called Covid, everyone now realizes the importance of sanitization. What was once a hygiene issue has now become an absolute necessity. Hence, it is advisable to keep a bottle of sanitizer with you on your desk. Your fingers touch a lot of things throughout the day, and then you touch your laptop. This makes it easy for bacteria and germs to transfer on your laptop and to your skin, and stay for a long time. Sanitizing your hands every time you touch something else can help you big time. You can also just sanitize your hands every 30 minutes just to be on the safe side. 

6. Insulated Food Jars

food jar

Work from home has reduced the burden of having to prepare all the meals at once in the morning. But, it is still difficult to get up from your table every time you want to eat something. Your shift timings or work pressure might not allow that. For you, who love warm food, having insulated food jar is a must! You can prepare your ramen or pasta or sambhar and have them at your convenience without worrying about the warmth or freshness. They also come in different sizes, allowing you to use them according to your need. 

7. A great wifi Connection

wifi connection

Working from home makes it absolutely essential to have a wifi connection. You rely heavily on the internet and want to avoid instances where you might not be audible in the zoom call due to a poor internet connection. To avoid all this, it is worth investing in a good quality home wifi router and modem. Make sure it has features like excellent speed and ease of use.

8. Noise-Cancelling Headphones


If you need to have regular video calls with your office mates and colleagues while working from home, you definitely need a pair of headphones featuring a decent microphone. It can help you hear everyone on the call a lot better. It also ensures that everyone hears you clearly when you speak over the call. Active noise cancellation, simple setup, and clean wireless design are the featured you need to look for in a pair of headphones. 

9. Coffee Mug

coffee mug

For those of you who survive on coffee, having a coffee mug solely for working times is a great idea. You can also choose the ones with motivational quotes to make it better. Also, if you are constantly on video calls, having a mug that looks smart in your hand is a necessity. Some coffee mugs also come with the ability to keep your coffee warm for an hour. Go and order it right away! 

10. Notepad


No matter how digital you get, it is always useful to have a simple notepad by your side. This makes it easy to scribble something down quickly or to write your to-do list for the next day. It adds a touch of elegance and a business-like look to your desk. You don’t have to panic about not finding a piece of paper anymore. Notepads have got it all! 


While the home is not a preferable work environment you can think of, you can still make it productive. You could be into customer care or a manager or a teacher, or a software employee; having these essentials are perfect for shifting your gears easily and improving your work from home lifestyle. These essentials are bound to boost your productivity and give you the much-needed creative space.