With climate change becoming more and more severe, we should all adopt a sustainable lifestyle. But sustainable living does not mean living without any convenient products. All you have to do is pay attention to the materials and how biodegradable and ecologically friendly they are. Products that do not leave large amounts of waste and are easily reusable are ideal. In this article, we have discussed a list of such products. They will turn your home into a more sustainable one.

10 Best Products for a Sustainable Home and Lifestyle

Most products that you use are made out of plastic. To lead a more sustainable life, you should look for materials like stainless steel, bamboo, or cloth to replace plastic. The products listed below are made out of such materials.

1. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

water bottle

It is important to drink enough water every day. The best way to ensure that is to carry a personal water bottle. But instead of a plastic one, you should get a stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel water bottles are often insulated which means they will keep your water hot or cold for quite a few hours. They also come with lids that prevent leakage. You will be able to use stainless steel water bottles for a very long time, and they look great with every outfit, on every occasion.

2. Cotton Dish Towels for Kitchen


Cloth towels for drying dishes is a good investment. They last a long time, and you can easily clean them. Cloth towels also soak up water well and will dry your dishes in no time at all. Paper towels can also be used, but that would mean contributing to the cutting down of several trees to make the paper. So, instead of having even the smallest contribution to an unsustainable act, you can keep cloth dish towels and use them.

3. Bamboo Cutlery


Using disposable plastic cutlery is not very sustainable. Instead, you should start using bamboo cutlery. Bamboo cutlery is exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry. So they will be a great addition to your camping trips and picnics. Bamboo cutlery is also biodegradable and easily compostable. If you have a garden or even grow plants in pots, you can turn the bamboo cutlery into compost once you do not wish to use them any longer.

4. Cloth or Jute Bags for Shopping

jute bags

Most of the time grocery stores pack products in plastic bags which are very harmful to the environment. Some stores try to better and use paper bags, but they are flimsy and often get thrown away. Therefore, it is better to carry canvas bags or jute bags. You can easily wash these bags and use them for other purposes. These bags do not contribute to excessive waste as they do not need to be thrown away after one-time use.

5. Stainless Steel Food Jars for Kitchen

food containers

Storing dry or non-perishable food in jars is a very sustainable practice. But the material of these food jars matter. You should not be using plastic containers. Glass jars are a good alternative, but they are easily breakable. Therefore, stainless steel food containers are the best option. Stainless steel jars are not fragile, and they are fitted with lids to prevent any dirt or dust particles from entering. You can reuse these jars as many times as you want.

6. Stainless Steel Casserole for Dining Table


Stainless steel products are durable and easy to clean. A casserole made out of stainless steel will be perfect for your dining table. These casseroles are safe for food and can be used many times. You can easily cook your favourite one-pot meals, and they will be delicious. A stainless steel casserole for your dining table is ideal for dinner parties and even family meals.

7. Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Work

lunch box

Carrying plastic lunch boxes to work is not a very hygienic option. If you are not carrying a lunch box then you are missing out on healthy, home-cooked meals. So, you should get a tiffin box, but not a plastic one. Get a stainless-steel lunch box that is stylish and functional. You can easily wash a stainless steel lunchbox and pack your food again the next day. These lunch boxes are sturdy, but lightweight and they last for a very long time.

8. Shampoo, Soap and Lotion Bars


Shampoos are usually available in plastic bottles, and once you finish a bottle, there is nothing to do but to throw them out. You can use them for some DIY projects but not with all the bottles you buy in a year. This means that a huge amount of plastic waste is being generated and each bottle is quite expensive. Buying bars instead of liquids not only reduces the waste but also the cost. Shampoo, soap, or lotion bars last longer than liquids, and therefore you will not need to buy too many.

9. Stainless Steel Tumbler for Everyday Use


Tumblers are very convenient. You can drink from them and carry them around, as well. Stainless steel tumblers often have lids that seal tight, ensuring that there is no leakage. You can use stainless steel tumblers without lids as everyday glasses. They are a great alternative to plastic glasses. If you go on a picnic or a hike, you can carry stainless steel tumblers instead of plastic or paper cups. They can be washed easily and reused multiple times.

10. Package Free Toothpaste


A ton of waste is produced when toothpaste tubes are thrown away. The plastic tubes are not biodegradable and therefore, not ecologically sustainable. You can switch to using package free toothpaste, instead of buying plastic tubes. Package free toothpaste is usually available in glass jars, and each jar comes with a bamboo spatula. You can use the spatula to scoop out toothpaste and apply it to your toothbrush. The glass jar can be used to store dry foods or any other items. The bamboo spatula is usually compostable.

Final Words

You do not need to swap everything in your home all at once for more sustainable alternatives. Start introducing small changes to your home. Once you have significantly reduced plastic usage and waste, you will be able to lead a completely sustainable lifestyle.