There are days when your body refuses to move, and you want to eat something delicious! On days when ordering in is not an option, the only thing you can do is, get your hands on the internet and look for some easy lunch recipes that are super delicious and hardly take any time to cook! Italian, Mexican or Indian? Well, there are so many things that you can make! Check out this article for some easy to make lunch recipes that you can cook and serve from a casserole to satiate your hunger pangs!

The Most Easiest Lunch Recipes That You Can Try on a Lazy Day

1. One-Pot Pasta


Any dish that starts with ‘one-pot’ is easy in the real literal meaning. How can anything go wrong when all you have to do is throw in all your ingredients and rest till it prepares itself? One such recipe is the creamy mushroom pasta, and you can make it with spaghetti or penne. All that you have to do is, fry your mushrooms with a bit of garlic, add cream, cheese and pepper seasoning and let it cook on simmer. Once the mushroom gets a lovely darker shade, add your boiled pasta and let it cook with an occasional stir! Shred some parmesan on top and garnish it with some parsley! Transfer to a casserole while it is still hot and you can have fresh warm pasta when it is time to eat!

2. Teriyaki Fried Rice


Teriyaki Fried Rice is the easiest for all the lazy ones out there on a Sunday afternoon. Prepare teriyaki mix with some soya sauce, garlic, honey and spring onion, mix it well and let it rest for a while. Pour the teriyaki sauce on a pan and then add your boiled rice on top; you can also toss in some corn if you like, mix it well, and it is ready to serve. Don’t worry if you have some leftover sauce as you can also sear fry a piece of chicken with some coriander to go as a side with the rice, top it off with some sesame seeds for the added crunch! This meal is not just quick, but delicious too, when served warm from a casserole.

3. Steamed Dumplings


Love for dumplings goes all the way! Prepare your sheet for the dumpling with some flour, and then for the filling, you can add some chicken and cheese along with some spicy seasonings. Mix the stuffing well, and then fill the sheet pockets with it. Once done, you can start steaming them on top of some water. Store them in a hot case or casserole while you get your pumpkin sauce! 

4. Tacos


Think Mexican? Stop, and make some Tacos. The best thing about making your Taco at home is that you can practically add any filling of your choice. Get your taco shells on a stand, chop some vegetables, get a protein and a dressing of your choice. Mix it well and start filling the shells. Practically takes less than five minutes if you chop your vegetables at lightning speed!

5. Pizza


Who wants to order pizza when the restaurants substitute mayo for actual cheese? Well, that is horrible. So, get a pizza dough flat on your kitchen counter, add a layer of tomato sauce and then cover the base with a lot of cheese. You can also add mushrooms, olives and bell peppers if you like. Put the pizza preparation inside the oven and let it cook for 15 minutes or till the crust plumps up and looks smokey enough for your palette. Drizzle some olive oil and oregano before you do the cheese pull! 

6. Pao Bhaji


Craving something healthy but also buttery? Then make some Pao Bhaji. Heat a pan with some oil, and then start adding the following vegetables – onion, garlic, cauliflower, peas, boiled, mashed potatoes and tomato puree. Let them cook for a while, and then add the Pao Bhaji mix. After 2 minutes, add some water and then let it cook till it gets the right consistency. On another pan, fry as many Pao’s you need with some butter while adjusting the spice and the salt on the other pan. Once done, serve the bhaji in a casserole with some butter on top and enjoy your meal! 

7. Foot-Long Sandwich


Cut your foot-long into two halves, spread some mayo on both and then start layering the sandwich with some lettuce leaves, tomatoes, olives, zucchini and salami. You can add as many vegetables as you like. Sprinkle some seasonings and then cover it with slices of cheese and other dressings you need! Once you have assembled it, bake the footlong for 2 minutes, and your lunch is ready!

8. Burgers


Nothing can go wrong with some oozy burgers! Use your last nights’ tenderloin steak, grease your pan with some olive oil and cook it with some spices. Prepare the burger buns with the vegetables and your favourite kind of cheese, and then add the steak. Close the bun and let it sit in the oven for 4 minutes! Enjoy your burger at home as it keeps on falling all over the plate! 

9. Thai Chicken Zoodles


Get a boneless chicken breast and marinate it with some lime juice, fish sauce, garlic cloves, Thai chilli and sesame oil. Once it has soaked the flavours, heat a pan with some oil, and fry the chicken pieces on each side for 4 minutes. Get a bowl, add some cabbage, zucchini, carrots and leftover marinade! Once your chicken is ready, serve the chicken on top of the vegetable salad and enjoy your meal in less than 15 minutes! Not going to eat right away? Then store this zoodles in a casserole for serving later!

10. Aaloo Parantha


Talking of comfort food, it is impossible for aloo paratha not to have a place on the list! Prepare your dough and your potato filling with some coriander leaves and the necessary masalas. Roll the dough on a flat surface, and then pan fry them on low heat. Serve the crispy hot paranthas with some curd! Use a hot box to store your hot paranthas before you start eating!

Final Statement

These are a few lunch meals that you can cook in less than 20 minutes. So, make sure that you do not skip your lunch and make your meal right now! Enjoy these super unique lunch ideas while they are fresh and warm from a casserole!