With the COVID 19 situation, most organizations across the country have recommended work from home for their employees. Maintaining productivity and keeping workplace discipline at home could be hard at times like this. A decent Internet connection, smart mind and some discipline will make working from home far from a challenge, and increase productivity as well. Because, keeping your productivity up is more a state of mind than anything. Here is a small list of things you could do to keep your productivity high while you work from home –

Set up a dedicated workspace for focus and productivity


Choose a comfortable space at home, preferably where you will have no or very less distraction – away from television, away from kids, away from chores and social media! A little part of your room converted to your workspace will help you get into work mode easily. Make sure you have a water bottle, and your other work paraphernalia accessible next to you!

Morning sets the day and that’s when you set your agenda


Set up your morning routine – Spend some time early in the morning, to plan your day ahead. Come up with a doable list of activities that you can manage to get done in the day. A list essentially means you have something to revisit every time you lose track of time, or your goals.

If you have noted, super highly productive people wake up early in the morning. Getting an early start doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start working at sunrise. It just means you have to start getting in the proper state of mind to be productive. If you are not a morning person, just make sure you find your best productive time to get into the groove!

Keep communication with your team as stimulating as your coffee


Communicate effectively with your team – Because you won’t be seeing them every day, it is important that you communicate what you will be doing, and what the rest of the team is expected to do. Frequent calls, or direct messaging, eases the pressure reassuring that you have a team that you can connect with if need be!

Don’t miss these calls or chats, these are the times you get with your peers for bouncing all your creative ideas!

Reboot your brain, with small breaks!


If you have set work hours similar to how it used to be while working from office, then you need to set up break timings too. Short breaks could relax you and get you all set for the next few hours of grueling work.

While it is important to take breaks, remind yourself to keep them short and as less distracting as possible.

Make use of these short breaks to do something different from your line of work–

  1. Play with your pets
  2. Take a short walk around your house, fill up your stainless steel water bottle.
  3. Eat a healthy snack. Make sure you have a handy insulated storage containers accessible next to you with an assortment of nuts, dry fruits or your favorite salad!
  4. Plan your kid’s activity.
  5. Cook a quick meal for the day

Remote working is not new. But the circumstances under which you are working now could trigger new responses in you. Take time to evaluate your best practices for getting work done efficiently, and establish the etiquettes of working from home for increased productivity!