No one can live without drinking water. No one can stay healthy without drinking sufficient water. There are mobile apps that track your water consumption because, yes, it is essential to drink water throughout the day frequently. You are stuck inside the household due to the pandemic, but this was not the usual situation before, and it won’t be once things get back to normal. Thus, it is essential that you carry a water bottle wherever you go, whenever you go, so that lack of water isn’t the reason you fall sick or don’t feel well. 

Importance of a Water Bottle

Right from a kindergarten student to adult, every single person should always carry a water bottle. There is a plethora of reasons as to why you always must carry a water bottle with you. You can reach out to your sipper bottle or flask every time you are thirsty. You don’t have to rely upon shops for bottled water, or worry about unhygienic sources of water. 

1. Water Is Essential


Earth is an inhabitable planet with living organisms because it has water in various forms. Consuming and using water in multiple ways is the only way human beings have lived for seven long billions of years on this planet. The most important use of liquid water is its drinkable properties. Your body is 70% water, and drinking at least 2 – 4 liters of water a day is an absolute must. And how can you achieve this? Carry an insulated water bottle with you to your work place, so you can sip on hot or cold water every few hours. Carry your gym bottle to work out places so you can sip on a protein drink when necessary. Carry your flask when you leave home, filling it with water or a beverage of your choice so you don’t feel dehydrated.

2. Pure and Fresh


You should always drink clean and pure water. While there were many options to buy water bottles previously, it is no longer safe to consume water (or anything for that matter) from outside. Carrying water in flasks or sipper bottles from home is an absolute must when the air, of all other things, is polluted and filled with unknown viruses. 

3. Handy


It sure seems like a task to carry around a water bottle everywhere you go, but honestly, it is straightforward, and you can just carry it using the water bags or even inside your bag pocket. Have water whenever you are thirsty (and even when you are not) and transform this into a good habit. Keeping water bottles handy also keeps you prepared for any unforeseen circumstance, and you get to help people who have not read this article and are not carrying their bottles. 

4. Frequent Hydration


As you must have heard, it is imperative to stay hydrated all the time. No matter how hard you try, this is not possible till you don’t have a water bottle with you all the time. Frequent hydration is required for your body to perform appropriately while ensuring you don’t get dehydrated or tired during studying or working, depending on which activity you perform during the day. 

5. Thermos Flask


Thermos flasks and bottles have completely changed lives worldwide. They can store the temperature of the water just as you keep it in the bottles. It can be hot or cold, whichever you prefer (or the weather around you does). A hectic day can be magically made into comforting by drinking maybe two sips of ice-cold water from your home brought water bottle. Insulated water bottles are often used to store tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other warm beverages. 

6. Saving Money

When you are paying near about Rs. 25 for a liter of packaged water outdoors. Are you aware you are paying for the plastic bottle and not the water? Because an essential commodity like water can’t be that costly. So, it is just extremely wise to carry your water and not waste money on single time use plastic bottles that you will throw away anyway. 

7. The Pandemic


The pandemic has hit everyone hard. While you can’t go back to life before a pandemic no matter how much you want to, you can adapt to the new ways and adhere to them. While the pandemic resulted in the majority of shops closing down, which means you can’t actually purchase water bottles whenever you want to. It also made contact with other human beings really risky since you stand the chance of getting infected by this deadly virus. So, the wisest way is definitely to carry your own stainless steel water bottle for water anytime, anywhere. 

8. Weight Loss

weight loss

Losing weight unwillingly is not mandatory and violates every argument of body positivity. Still, if you want to lose some weight because you just want to and love yourself anyway, it isn’t a bad thing either. And no matter how hard you exercise and go for diets, drinking ample amounts of water is an absolute must. It is impossible to lose weight in a healthy manner without consuming more than sufficient water. 

9. Skincare


One thing you should always ensure is that you are taking sufficient care of your skin. Skin is the most delicate part of our body, and it faces the harshest situations as well. The pollution, change in temperature, injury, etc., majorly affect the skin. While it is completely capable of repairing itself on its own, you must do everything in your power to help. And, it starts with drinking sufficient water. 

10. Prevent Headaches

prevent headaches

Working hard all day in front of a desk or a device often results in headaches you can’t understand. While you should not treat any abnormalities in your body casually, you should not take medicines for every problem either. Try drinking a lot of water and see if it helps. 


Honestly, there are endless reasons why you should make it a point to carry a water bottle wherever you go. However, you must have your own senses as well. Till you don’t think something is necessary, you will never get a habit of it. As usual, your mothers were always right about carrying your own food and water bottles, and you must always listen to them.