Most times, you’ll hear people telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They are correct, you absolutely should not go without eating breakfast. It helps to jump start your day and set everything off to the right start. But your lunch – the midday meal most people eat outside their home, is equally important too! In many ways your lunch should be healthier than your actual breakfast or dinner. This is mostly because what you eat for lunch determines how productive you can be for the rest of the day.


Are You Eating a Healthy Lunch?

A nutritious lunch isn’t too difficult to pack, you just need to learn the essentials. A healthy lunch should be about 30% of your daily caloric intake. This also includes the calories that you consume from drinks like juices.

Ideally, your healthy lunch should be based around wholegrain breads such as, rice or noodles, and include a type of lean protein, like eggs, chickens, or pulses. You should also make sure to include a hefty amount of vegetables and fruit in your lunch. Finally, you should include a type of healthy drink like milk, water, or tea.

healthy lunch

So, if you eat a south-Indian meal for lunch constituting of sambhar (with pulses and spices), rice and a vegetable or lean protein as sides, or a north-Indian meal constituting roti, and a dal and sabji/lean protein, you are probably eating a balanced and healthy midday meal.

A home-cooked meal for lunch equals happiness!


Every meal that is homemade constitutes a dozen or so ingredients and also gallons of love. Every such meal cooked at deserves a lunchbox, that not just preserves the flavor of your food but also the warmth and love that went into preparing! A simple one-pot meal, an elaborate festive meal or a comforting yet modest meal, a well-chosen insulated tiffin box is all you need to make each home-cooked meal as special as it already is!