Losing your keys is one of those experiences that unites humanity all across the world. There’s just something about keys that make them likely to disappear just when you need them most. You are most likely to lose them when you have somewhere you absolutely have to be, like a job interview, a wedding, your in-law’s house, or just out! That seems to be how the magic of losing your keys works. Thankfully, human beings are inventive problem solvers who are never willing to let their keys stay lost forever. Keep reading to learn five of the best tricks for keeping track of your precious keys and other valuables.

1. Use a Bluetooth Tracking Device

The best and most consistent way to keep track of your keys is to make your keys tell you where they are themselves. You can attach a Bluetooth key finder to your keychain, and you will be able to find your keys simply by using your phone. The best phone finders don’t just tell you where your keys are using the app, they also make your keys send out an alarm or chime so you can hear them from a distance. Go for a tracker that covers decent Bluetooth range, comes with replaceable batteries and a smart design!

2. Rely on Routine and Consistency

Staying organized is a great way to avoid losing your keys. If you consistently place your keys in the same place every time you come home or when you’re at the office, you will never have to wonder where they are. Buy a key rack that you can hang next to the door, and make sure to place your keys there every time you come home.

3. Decorate Your Keychain

Make your keychain easier to spot by decorating it with something eye catching. The more colors you use, the easier it will be to spot. If you want something a little more subtle, consider attaching a small wallet or something utilitarian to the keychain. It will not only make your keys stand out, but you will be more likely to remember where you placed them if you’re constantly using them.

4. Attach Your Keys to Your Belt

It’s hard to misplace your keys if you physically attach them to your belt. Use a carabiner or a belt device with an extendable band to keep your keys always on your person. If you make it a habit to keep them on your belt, you’ll know the best place to look for them is on your last pair of pants.

5. Backup Keys

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you’re not going to avoid losing your keys. That’s why it always pays to have a backup on hand. Keep a spare set with a trustworthy friend, or in your wardrobe in your home. That way you won’t ever be totally out of luck when you need your keys in a hurry.

Losing your keys is easier, and finding them quick is easier too. If you are spending a few minutes of your time everyday searching for your keys, then it is time you follow the above-mentioned simple steps to see which one works well for you!