Well, most people out there have their kitchen that has shelves laden with all sorts of plastic jars and boxes that haven’t been used in decades, like literally! Another common thing is plastic containers in refrigerator shelves alongside polythene covers with all sorts of items you’ve been so protectively shielding from the dustbin. Another common sight is plastic serveware on the dining table instead of stainless steel hot case or insulated casserole. So, what can you really do to declutter the space and at the same time, do away with all the plastic that has been clogging for so long?

Well, presenting 5 powerful ways for you to declutter while having an environment-friendly kitchen space!

  1. Say no to plastic food packaging: It’s not uncommon to find tens of hundreds of plastic containers lined up in the kitchen. Half of these are from restaurants and food delivery outlets that you ended up preserving. There’s nothing wrong in that, of course, since its best to reuse plastics. But you know what’s even better? Not acquiring plastics in the first place. The next time you visit a restaurant, avoid food wastage and stay clear of plastic packaging. Why not use a smart insulated jar or your lunchbox for a takeout? When you carry your own container, not only are you making a healthier choice but also doing your part in saying ‘No’ to plastics!
  1. Ditch plastics, go green: It is best to avoid storing food in plastic containers and opt for stainless-steel containers or jars instead. They last longer and are sturdier. Although glass containers are great options too, they need exceptional handling care. With stainless-steel you also get the advantage of insulation! How about buying safe, sturdy and smart insulated storage jars that preserve the freshness of ingredients? Also, these Preserve jars easily double up as food carriers when you need one.
  1. Throw away non-sticks: Non-stick pans and utensils are increasingly common these days. However, did you know that the non-stick coating can actually be harmful to your health? While you are decluttering not-so-healthy choices from your kitchen, remove all non-stick utensils and bring in healthier stainless steel and cast-iron versions instead!
  1. Get rid of plastic bottles: It is common to find several plastic bottles in kitchens, these being used to store water. However, did you know plastic bottles can be extremely dangerous for your health? It is best to get rid of plastic bottles and bring in stainless – steel bottles instead. There are insulated bottles available that are trendier, and come with a slim design that fit into your bags, backpacks and even car door bottle slots!
  1. Plastic forks and spoons: If you’ve been accumulating plastic spoons and forks just like Harry Potter collected the chocolate frog cards, it’s time to validate how you are planning on using them. Not only do these consume a lot of space, but are also not ideal for use with hot foods. It is best to use stainless steel spoons and forks instead which will last longer and are also a healthier choice.

Decluttering an entire kitchen could be challenging. It’s not easy to disown things that you’ve painstakingly hoarded over the years. However, small steps in replacing plastics with sustainable choices like stainless-steel and glass declutter your kitchen of toxic products. With the market filled with stainless-steel and glass products that are healthier and eco-friendly too, it’s time to take the small step and stop accumulating plastic. Not just your kitchen, but your dining room too. Start with investing in a set of stainless steel casseroles the kind that would keep your meal warm for a few hours.