Stress is not good for anyone at any age. When you are busy juggling work deadlines, family responsibilities, and everything else, life tends to throw your way, which unequivocally includes a global pandemic; it is easy to feel overwhelmed and out of sorts. However, it does not have to stay this way. Your stress is justified but unnecessary at the end of the day. It will only lead to amplified health issues later on, and treating it would be another issue entirely. 

Finding products that can offer a sense of tranquility in your day is the key to maintaining your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. While your family and friends could be great stress relievers, there are some products you can get your hands on which could really be therapeutic. An insulated water bottle can be an excellent idea for someone who is known to take stress all the time as there is nothing some water cannot do. But, there are so many other gifts out there if you know someone who aces at taking stress. Here are a few gift ideas that could help relieve stress.

1. Coloring Books

coloring books

Adult coloring books have increasingly become popular, and for a good reason. It has been noted that coloring can visibly help reduce stress in adults, aiding relaxation. Can you recall the time when you liked painting as a kid? Do you remember how engrossed you would get in this creative and calming activity? This sense of euphoria and peace arises in your mind while coloring. You could couple it with watercolors, coloring pens, and crayons to make it the perfect gift.

2. Home Plants

home plants

There has been ongoing research indicating that indoor plants purify the air and have calming effects on your stress levels, mood, and blood pressure. Another advantage is that the indoor plants add beauty to the house, giving it a more appealing look. Some of these plants are Aloe vera, Basil, Bamboo Palm, English Ivy, Lavender, Jasmine, etc. Even if your loved one doesn’t have the greenest fingers, these plants can easily thrive as they do not need a lot of maintenance. 

3. Foot Massager

foot massager

This is an excellent idea for anyone who is on their feet all day long. It can relax the muscles and soothe their feet immensely. It relieves aches and stress from the feet. It uses heat, compression, and stimulation by using rolling sticks and a rotation ball to massage your feet intensely. It also helps stimulate reflex points, improve circulation, promote relaxation and relieve pain/cramps. Your loved one might also slip into a deep sleep immediately after this massage. 

4. Scented Candles

scented candles

Candles are the synonym of calmness and antonym of stress. They can be soothing and relaxing to quite an extent. These candles come in different smells and scents for different moods and purposes. You can get your loved one a set of these scented candles so that they can cherish them for a long time to come. 

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones


Music is one of the biggest stress busters of all time, and there is plenty of evidence to back up this statement. Music tends to transport you into another world of tranquility and peace. However, this might not be entirely achievable if there is a constant disturbance in the background. Hence, noise-canceling headphones are the best choice to enjoy music at peace with no noise to interrupt the mood. 

6. De-Stress Ball

destress ball

A de-stress ball, popularly called the squishy ball, might sound silly but has actually proven to be quite useful and is also recommended by therapists. Your friend or family member could keep this with them in their bag or carry it with them everywhere they go. In times of extreme stress, they can squish it to calm their nerves and mind. 

7. Aromatherapy- Essential Oils


Gift an aroma diffuser with a set of essential oils and see the magic! Your loved one can add few drops of oil in the diffuser along with some oil. The aroma gets diffused in the air and also moistens the air to aid breathing. It is a perfect gift for anyone who has anxiety issues or has sleeping problems. 

8. Scalp Massager

scalp massage

A scalp massager is a perfect gift idea for someone who tends to go berserk over things and forgets to take care of themselves every often. This massager will tackle all the pressure points of their head and also give them a relaxed feeling after a long day of work. It is amazing the way it can immediately calm the mind and body. Your loved one is going to thank you for it.

9. Journal Book

journal book

A journal is a perfect gift for anyone who is an overthinker, a planner, or an organizer. People often end up taking up a lot of stress over the next day, week, or month. A journal will help them put down their plans, feelings, and ideas on paper. Writing down can prove to be quite therapeutic and helpful for de-stressing. 

10. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

acupressure mat

This could be the perfect mat to relax and wind down after a long day of work. It contains 6210 pressure points and 1782 points on the pillow to give you relief from backaches, knots, muscle spasms, and headaches. It does so by stimulating all pressure points in your body. You can also lie down directly on the mat for around 30 to 45 minutes for optimum benefits or stand barefoot on the mat for a few moments to stimulate all the pressure points on your feet.


Stress is an enemy for every human mind out there, and it is impossible during these chaotic, uncertain times to totally avoid it. One cannot escape responsibilities, duties, work, or even the news. But, getting your loved one something which could de-stress their mind would be a noble gesture. They would find it extremely helpful and relaxing. When the mind gets distracted from something for a while, the body immediately relaxes. When they use your goft regularly, it could help them in the long run. So, go ahead and gift your loved one a de-stressor!