The effort that goes into cooking and packing an assortment of dishes cannot be compared to anything else. A well-designed lunchbox, that can retain the freshness and warmth, perfectly complements the delicious food cooked with love and care! A lunchbox is not just a carrier to transport food, it is also a daily accessory that goes with you everywhere you go. Make sure you thoughtfully choose your lunchbox, one that you would take pride in carrying and one that would work incredibly well. Here is a list of basic pointers to look for when choosing a lunchbox –

  1. What is the lunchbox made of? 

Although plastic lunch boxes come in many sizes and colors, they are unsafe and leach chemicals in the food and beverages you carry. Stainless-steel lunchboxes that are also insulated are a safe bet when it comes to choosing a lunchbox. Apart from being safe, stainless-steel tiffin boxes are also durable, making them the best choice for everyday use.

  1. Is there a perfect size?

Just like clothes and diet plans, there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing your lunchbox as well. If you are a one-pot meal person that also loves to carry an assortment of sides to keep you charged the whole day, choose a lunchbox that allows you to use partitions to make room for more dishes when you need them. If you are a small-meal person, choose a lunchbox that is not oversized but comes with a set of 2 containers for your basic needs. If you are a foodie who loves to carry and devour all that you’ve cooked in a day, choose a lunchbox that will allow you to indulge!

  1. Convenient to use

It is also important to choose a lunch box that is easy to carry and easy to clean. See if your lunch box comes with a bag that you can lug along all day. Also make sure to choose a food carrier that easily fits into your backpack or handbag.

  1. Lunchbox that is great on aesthetics

When you like your tiffin box, you will be inclined to carry it every day with you. Choose a lunchbox that allows you to carry your lunches in style. Stainless-steel lunchboxes don’t have to be boring anymore, there are brands with thoughtfully designed lunch boxes in vibrant colors and stunning patterns. In short, choose a lunchbox that you would love to carry and choose one that makes you hungry for the food you carry in it!