Research has shown that there are more gadgets in the world than people, with the estimated number of gadgets reaching up to 8.9 billion. There are days when a few mundane tasks might seem daunting. And, there are always brilliant gadgets that make it easier to handle these daunting daily tasks. By saving time and allowing tasks to be completed in a more comfortable way, these handy gadgets will make your everyday life easier. An example of an uncomfortable and time-consuming situation is the moment you need to find your keys or your phone. Such moments can have you wishing you had a phone finder or a key finder. Well, with gadgets like a Bluetooth tracker, such unpleasant moments can be avoided. For this reason, here’s a selection of 10 of these amazing inventions that you will certainly appreciate once you get hold of them. So, dive in, select the gadget that suits you and start enjoying it as soon as possible.

1. Smart speakers with voice activation


Smart speakers are the latest in technology and they are here to stay. These are devices that respond to voice commands and are very helpful for those who are busy and don’t have time to type in the commands.

These smart speakers help to search for information on the internet, find out the latest news, listen to music, audiobooks, recipes … whatever. They also help with organizational matters such as acting as reminders for medical appointments, organizing the agenda or knowing the weather condition for the day.

2. A robot vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner

These rolling gadgets are really helpful to users, especially parents who have a lot of kids at home. These gadgets vacuum the house without the need for the user to do anything more than pressing the power button. Even better, with the voice activation feature that comes with the latest models, it can be activated with a voice command. Robot vacuum cleaners save a lot of time and energy, which can be invested in other productive activities.

3. An ironing centre

Lots of people hate the stress of ironing, which is why it is a dream come true to own one of these. As stressful as it seems to iron shirts, these vertical ironing devices make the task quite easy. A steamer ironing centre is not only efficient but also affordable.

4. A kitchen Machine

kitchen machine

Some enjoy cooking a lot. Some even see cooking as a good time to share with children. However, others are in desperate need of a great way to save time when preparing dishes. These kitchen machines are an excellent solution as they feature heavy duty motors, attachment for multiple functions. Kitchen machines take out the need of having multiple kitchen accessories like blenders, mixers and grinders which take up cabinet space. They are helpful for cooking Indian dishes that require blending or grinding.

There are lists of kitchen machines ranging from the most basic models such to upgraded models. Some of these machines feature Bluetooth connectivity to program everything from your smartphone.

5. Pizza Scissors

pizza scissors

Having trouble getting those perfect pizza slices while having lunch with friends or family? Not to worry, this handy pizza scissors will do the job for you, giving you perfect triangular pizza slices. With this scissor, you’re guaranteed to have no issues with losing toppings when try to slice your pizza. This is a truly handy gadget for food lovers.

6. Bluetooth tracker for lost items

bluetooth tracker

Most people spend a lot of valuable time searching for their keys or mobile phones. This can be tiring, time-consuming and of course frustrating. With a Bluetooth tracker at your disposal, you can save yourself the stress of tirelessly searching for your phone or keys all the time. Vaya Lynk is a Bluetooth tracker that connects with your mobile to find what you have lost. You can use it as a keychain and if you have lost your mobile, you press the central button of the locator and it makes your mobile ring. This tracker serves as both a key finder and a phone finder and is also helpful in finding your TV remote, bags, wallets or even camera!

7. Smart flowerpot

flower pot

Do you always forget to water the plants? Smart Flower Pots are smart pots that integrate smart sensors (humidity, fertilizer, light and temperature). These sensors send the measured values ​​to your smartphone via Bluetooth. An example is the parrot pot which has a water reserve of 2.4 litres. This smart pot will prevent you from having to worry so much about watering and catering for your plants.

8. Quick bottle warmer

bottle warmer

If you happen to have a baby or toddler, there is still something handy that’ll make things a lot easier for you. It is a quick bottle warmer. Since microwaves are not recommended to heat a baby’s bottle, it is better to look for other options such as a water bath or electrical appliances such as bottle warmers.

9. Smart Thermometer


There are thermometers that works with infrared connected to your mobile. The temperature result is displayed on your screen, keeping a historical record of the latest measurements. Measure body, liquid or environment temperatures in just two seconds.

10. Waterproof Notes/Notepad


For those who feel very creative during their shower time, these waterproof notes will serve as a very handy gadget. Its water-resistant feature allows you to jot down your genius ideas while taking a shower. From business ideas to grocery lists, these notes will prevent you from forgetting your ideas after your shower.


Thanks to technology and innovative minds, a lot of useful and handy gadgets are manufactured each year. These gadgets help to make life easier for those who use them in their everyday lives. One great thing about handy gadgets is that they do not have to do a lot to make things easier, all it does is eliminate the stressful areas of your day to day activities. The list above features 10 handy gadgets including a smart flower pot, an ironing centre and Bluetooth trackers. These gadgets offer a wide range of advantages and help to make daily tasks less stressful and a lot comfortable.