It has been a year since COVID entered everyone’s lives and almost turned it upside down. It has also been a year of work from home, and by the looks of it, there will be more of it! While working from home can feel comfortable and convenient, there are some downsides too. Instead of your colleagues, you now have other mater like your family, friends or roommates. Your room is now your working space, and the desktop table is your work table. Having just a table is not enough to increase your productivity and creativity. You need to invest in a few products to ensure you are at the top of your game in work from home. Here are few such products.

1. Stainless Steel Bottle

water bottle

A stainless steel water bottle is the need for the hour, especially when you like your water at a particular temperature. Be it summer or winter, an insulated water bottle can efficiently store your cold or hot beverage for hours to come! Made of stainless steel, these insulated water bottles are extremely sustainable and eco-friendly. You don’t even have to replace them for years with their durability. So, enjoy a refreshing sip of your favorite beverage without having to get up from your table every time! 

2. Alarm Clock

alarm clock

While you might roll your eyes on this one, you do need it! Every time the alarm on your phone goes off, you hit the snooze button. Getting an alarm clock will easily put an end to this misery. You can also purchase an alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button. You can set up your alarm and keep it on your bedside table. You are going to have to wake up with your alarm clock buzzing off mercilessly the next morning!

3. Planner


A planner is a definite must if you want to have things organized. Having multiple appointments in a day or having tons of chores can be confusing and daunting to remember. A planner will sort it out for you, and you can complete everything in the assigned time. Your desk and your bedside table should both include a planner. It goes a long way in planning your week, your month, and even your day! It would be helpful to get two planners, one for your job and one for your house. You can easily plan as you go and tick them off as you are done with your tasks. Witness your life becoming stress-free with this planner. 

4. Desk Lamp

desk lamp

Although this product might seem unnecessary to you, it is quite handy as your house is now your office. Your desktop table needs it all, and a lamp is one of them. While tube light might suffice, a desk lamp provides extra brightness. It is especially useful when you are working late nights, and your family is sleeping away. With so many websites offering great choices for desk lamps, invest in a sturdy one with different brightness options!

5. Post-it Notes


What is a workplace without some post-it notes? These work like huge neon signs in reminding you of tasks, chores, appointments, and assignments you need to complete. You can just scribble and stick your post-it notes on your fridge, desk, your wardrobe, anywhere you want! One glance at them is enough to remind you and get your work done. It is an absolute must for forgetful people or people who have way too many things to do and remember! Need to go to your kid’s school this Saturday? Post it on your fridge. Need to make a call to a client on Tuesday? Post it on your desk.

6. Journal


A journal is a perfect way of keeping track of your progress. You can jot down the points you learned from the meeting today, you can write down all that you need to know to up your skills, or you can just journalize your feelings about your work or day. This can be of great help. For example, you have to prepare a presentation, and you are trying to remember what your head said in a meeting two months ago. A journal can help you recollect that immediately! The internet is a huge space as there are some really cool websites offering some productive and stylish journals for you!

7. Adjustable Desk Shelf


Having a tiny desk shelf can be your perfect de-clutter solution. A disorganized workspace, especially your work desk, can prove to be quite annoying. Sometimes your pen is in some book, and your notes are under the stack on newspapers, and what not? It is time to get a desk shelf home and fix your desk. Choose a desk shelf with multiple shelves and something which can be adjusted or minimized when needed.

8. Memory Foam Lumbar Support


Sitting on your work chair for long hours can hurt your back. Your spinal cord decides your posture, and slumping over can cause backache as well as worsen your posture. For back relief and good postures, a memory foam lumbar support is an excellent choice! Before making a purchase, make sure you are choosing a good foam of good quality. Also, make sure that it is wide enough to cover your back horizontally.

9. Insulated Food Jar

food jar

Need a quick bite while working but don’t want to get up from your laptop and prepare something? Then get these insulated food jars and store food in them until you are ready to eat. They will keep your food warm for hours, allowing you to relish your favorite dish at your convenience. 

10. Dry Erase Calendar


A Dry erase calendar is almost like a mini whiteboard. You can hang it on your bedroom door or in your kitchen or near your window. You can form your timetable or your note your to-dos or any upcoming events on this one. It makes your life simple and organized! Keep a marker near the board. You can erase the ones done as you go while updating the upcoming ones. Websites that offer stationary have some great options you can choose from!


Your work from home game needs to be strong as you need to be as productive as you were in your office. For this, you need to get your hands on few products that can ensure your work efficiency at all times. They will help your keep your head in the game, helping you stay organized.