Although plastic lunch boxes did have a stint of success with their attractive colors, and availability, they were never a deliberate winner like stainless-steel lunchboxes which have been in use in India for many generations. Plastic lunchboxes are not odor and stain resistant, which is a major concern when it comes to carrying your lunch every day! Also, continued use of plastics can lead to potential disruption of hormones leading to many health issues.

Below, are some of the biggest reasons that plastic lunch boxes are beyond the times.

The Toxic Compounds In Plastic Can Make You Sick

The key to living a long healthy life is to make steady good choices that buildup over time. It is rarely one thing that contributes to your bad health. Bad health in general is caused by making multiple bad decisions; it could be the 1000th burger that causes a heart attack, not the first. Plastic containers can leech their toxic compounds into your food. This can result in some terrible health consequences over time as the toxic compounds buildup in your body.

No Plastic is Safe for Use

Plastic is made using a very toxic compound known as, bisphenol A (BPA). Ingesting BPA can cause some serious health issues, like cancer, increased blood pressure, and bad effects on your prostate gland and fetal development. You’re going to get some amount of BPA in your system no matter what you do in today’s world. Plastic is just so prevalent. But there’s no need to introduce more to your system by using plastic lunchboxes, storage jars and even cutlery.

Plastics Can Create Fertility and Reproductive Problems

Pregnancy is already a trying event in the lives of many couples. There are so many factors that contribute to the proper development of your infant, many that you can’t even control. Knowing that the process is hard enough, you should cut out plastic containers. The toxins built up in plastic lunch boxes can rub off on your food and devastate your body’s immune system and hormone regulation. These can have direct consequences on your baby’s development in the womb.

Chemicals Found In Plastic Can Lead To Obesity

There are multiple factors that lead to obesity, a disease that is affecting millions of people all around the world. It turns out that the amount of plastics involved in handling food may be leading to obesity. The chemical, BPA may actually have the ability to transform your stem cells into fat cells. Overtime, it can reprogram your metabolism to store calories that it would normally let pass through.

Plastics Are Terrible For The Planet

The final and potentially most important factor that makes buying plastic a bad idea is that plastic harms the environment. Plastics are throwaway containers at the end of the day. They’re destined to end up in the trash heap and become a problem for the earth.

The best way to get rid of plastics from your lives is choosing better alternatives like stainless-steel or glass lunchboxes. Glass lunchboxes could be fragile and need exceptional care while you are using or cleaning them. Stainless steel lunch boxes are the best bet for they come with insulation, are convenient to use and come in incredible designs and patterns as well! Shop online for Vaya Tyffyn, a premium range of insulated tiffin box that is both fabulous and functional at the same time! Insulated and available in vibrant colors and patterns, Vaya Tyffyn also makes a style accessory!