Is it under the bed? Did I forget the keys in my car? They can’t be in that Takeaway Restaurant! Or is it somewhere deep into the depths of the living room couch? These are a few questions that we ask (mostly scream about around the house) often. If you have to toss and turn all the things in your living room and find them in your lounge or bed room, then it is not only time consuming but also very irritating at the same time. At the same time, no one can be absolutely perfect and remember exactly where they kept their stuff. So, if you want to know the drill and find your keys a little faster than usual, then check out this article! 

How to Quickly Find Your Lost Keys?

1. Call Your Friend

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Saying goodbye to a friend is a sad event in itself. For that, the current generation that is so dependent on technology is to be blamed. You know many times you would have tried to make a plan or maybe cancelled it just because you were lazy to let go of your bed. After all that time, if the stars align, you find yourself at their place. The time is great, you talk a lot, and in between all of the good things, you forget your house keys while giving her a goodbye hug. You drive back home, hoping that you would go back to your bed with a tub of ice cream. But ultimately you realise that your house keys are missing. That is the moment when you need to take a chill pill and call up your friend! Drive back to her place, get your keys and then again engage in another fun banter with her. Well, losing your keys isn’t that bad an idea. Is it? 

2. Check Your Pockets

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Suppose you are ready to go to a party with your friends and the only thing that stops you is finding your car keys. The worst part is that all your friends are dependent on you because there is a deadline to come back and you are already running late. So, you begin your witch hunt and start looking for those possessed car keys. Following the routine of under the bed, inside the couch, on top of the fridge, you sit down on a chair almost about to lose hope and call it quits. You suddenly feel something in your back pocket. Well, the keys were with you all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Leave for the party! 

3. With a BlueTooth Tracker

bluetooth tracker

When you know that no one will help you and you are exhausted when it comes to a daily treasure hunt, get yourself a Bluetooth tracker. A Bluetooth tracker is a tiny device (looks like a tag and comes with a holder) that you can attach to the things you keep on losing now and then. The Bluetooth tracker has to be paired with your phone’s Bluetooth settings before you start using it. The Bluetooth tracker makes use of an application that has to be installed on your phone, which will primarily take you through the map and help you locate your keys. The tracker will also make a loud beep so you can track your valuable easily. Bluetooth trackers are ideal for all the people who have tried their best or have accepted defeat when it comes to keeping their things organised! Get yourself a Bluetooth tracker or gift one to your friend who is struggling with his keys and help him make his life a little easier! 

4. Inside Your Dog’s Kennel

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If you have a naughty dog who always picks up random things or just decides to hide them in his secret spot, then it is an emergency. Starting from your favourite berry lip balm, hair ties and your favourite pair of stockings, if you take a day off and analyse the habits of your dog, you would be able to dig a grave inside his kennel and probably find some diamonds as well. So, be smart when it comes to finding your keys. Remember to check your dog’s kennel or some random secret spot he might have created for himself. Ironically, you cannot even be mad at your dog for doing this; after all, he is the cutest little pet you have, so give him a treat anyway!

5. On the Floor

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Often, we come across situations when we start losing our mind when it comes to an entire full-fledged deep cleaning process to find our keys. There is nothing to hide about our busy and exhaustive lifestyles, so it is possible that you come back home extremely tired and put your keys carefully (that is what you think) on the side table but the following day you cannot find them. The self-analysis process starts, and you begin to retrace all your activities after you came back from work. You check everywhere except the floor (because who keeps their keys on the floor), and that is where you find them, and you remember a sudden clinking sound when you kept them on the side table. So, make sure that you retrace your steps and also check the floor! 

Final Statement 

These are the few common places where you will likely find or miss out when looking for any of your essential items, be it keys or just your favourite lipstick. Just imagine: you could have binge-watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones, cooked some pasta or could have taken a nap. But, you had to go around the house, looking for a tiny key. No one wants to go through the whole element of being anxious and ultimately exhausted to find their keys lying on top of the fridge finally. If you still want to do away with the entire task of looking around wholly, then be smart, get yourself a BlueTooth tracker and find your keys in a jiffy!