One of the primary reasons that we eat is to fuel our body with energy so we can function throughout the day. Energizing and replenishing while working is of vital importance and that is why a multibillion-dollar food energy industry is in place today. Energizing foods and supplements, such as, coffee, tea, energy drinks, power bars, etc. are purchased every day. But you don’t have to actually go down this energy supplement rabbit hole to get the energy you need to have for an active day. You can actually achieve the same results by eating a good home cooked meal. If you do it right, it should work just as well or even better with just a cup of coffee if you feel the need for it.

When to Charge Up?

The best time to get charged up is when you first get up. There is a reason that people consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day; it sets the pace for the major part of the day. If you begin your day full of energy you will be more productive and be able to better regulate your diet throughout the day.

Other times that you want to focus on charging up is right after a major workout and lunch time. Lunch is a time when most people are feeling low energy because they’ve been working hard for 3-5 hours and need a recharge.

You also want to replace the energy that’s lost while working out. Your body is most in need of nutrients and energy right after working out. Your post workout meal doesn’t need to be very big though. It’s primarily designed to replenish the nutrients you expended during the workout.

High Energy Foods

Although a homemade meal is one of the best ways to fuel your body with energy, it is only as good as the food that you eat. Below are some good high energy foods to include in your meals:

• Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and a great high energy food. They also have lots of valuable nutrients like, zinc and vitamin A which boosts your immune system. Egg masala, omlettes or bhurji, prepare an egg dish of your choice, store in an insulated casserole and you are all geared for a meal later that will leave you charged for the rest of the day, at the office or home!

• Oatmeal

Oatmeal has complex carbohydrates which provide the body with lots of energy. Oats also boosts the production of serotonin which reduces stress. Oats can be consumed in different ways, and it’s one ingredient that can be quickly cooked too. Pack your oats idly, dosa or even roti in an insulated lunch box, and you are all set for a turbocharged day at work. Working from home, make an oatmeal recipe of your choice, and store it in a hot case or a casserole, one that can keep it warm for a few hours.

• Whole Grains

Carbohydrates found in whole grains are the best source of energy. A whole-grain snack or a lunch that includes whole grains is what you need for a supercharged workday!

Surprisingly, a home cooked meal with high energy foods packed in an insulated lunchbox works better than your energy bar and other supplements. Invest in an insulated food jar or tiffin box so you can eat a fresh home cooked meal while you are away from home, a meal that energizes you to function effectively all day!