There are a few things that you should never forget, and there are always a few things that you would still forget irrespective of promising yourself that you won’t. Our lives had taken a 360-degree turn since November 2019 when the first case of coronavirus came to someone’s notice. But can we entirely blame that, were our lives completely perfect before a bat became someone’s reason of curiosity? No, you cannot lie like that. There are always a few people who keep track of their assignment deadlines, and then there are a few people who remember it at the very last moment. When you compare both of them, the first person has his life a little easy on the palette, whereas the second person gets the thrill and anxiety of rapid reading and writing just to make the cut at the last minute. So, if you want to make your life, a bit sorted and organised, here are a few tips.

How to Effectively Organise Your Life

1. Set Your Day List


Half of your worries will be out of your life if you just maintain your daily goals or tasks using a phone application. It is pretty irritating if you have to constantly go back home and then remember to drop your parcel or get cat food! So, to completely do away with this practice and extra work, go to your phone’s App Store and look for the application that best serves your purpose.

2. Check Your Fridge


How would you feel if you come back and realise that you have cornflakes but no milk, you have cheese but no bread, and there is no salt? Well, that is it; you either have to walk back to your grocery store or just order in. The worst-case scenario that can arise is – you have chicken, and your friends want to have Teriyaki Chicken for lunch, you have promised, but there is no honey. So, to save your grace and avoid situations like these, check your fridge and required items whenever you have to cook! 

3. Deep Clean Your Closet


Are you someone who is a fashionista? Love bags? Love shoes? Then you must have been buying much more than you require and most importantly, much more than you can keep. So, make sure that you deep clean your closet once every six months. Doing this will help you discard the clothes you do not like or have outworn multiple times and create a lot of space. You can either start an online thrift store or just donate them! 

4. Investing in a Bluetooth Tracker

bluetooth tracker

If you are someone who keeps on losing things here and there, starting from car keys to your hard disk, you really should invest in a Bluetooth Tracker. An easy way to completely do away with all the stress that you feel while looking for your essentials will be gone once you start using the tracker. A Bluetooth tracker is probably man’s greatest invention as it pairs up with your phone’s Bluetooth and directs you to exactly where your item is. All you have to do is, get yourself the right tracker and attach it to your item. 

5. Carry a Handbag


If you are a woman, you would know the importance of carrying a handbag because who can make a move without having a stainless steel water bottle. After all, hydrating is good for your skin. So, make sure that you carry that notepad to share your ideas for the upcoming brand campaign, your wallet and all your essential items every day in a big tote handbag! 

6. Use Bookmarkers


If you are a reader or PhD student who has to read multiple books to cite various points for your thesis, you realise the importance of bookmarks. Even if you are not, and you just read once in a while for pleasure, make sure you are using a bookmark while reading that ever exciting book. Books are magical like that; you lose yourself in a different world altogether, making it challenging to keep track of which page you are on. So, keep your bookmark handy, always. 

7. Get a Shelf


For someone who buys a lot of handicrafts, flower pots and owns a lot of books (often more than they will ever read), then they just need to get their house together. How long will all those beautiful items stay on the floor of your apartment? Get yourself a rustic wooden shelf, a boho wall hanging, and you all set to live your dream! 

8. Prepare in Advance


The best way to make sure that you are organised is to always finish up all your important tasks in order of priority and always well in advance. Start from today, get a whiteboard, write your goals for the week and start working on them as soon as possible! Do not let the lazy bug bite you! 

9. Self Care


‘All work and no self-care will make jack a dull boy.’, this is the truth of the universe, so make sure that in between all the hustle-bustle of your daily life, you always get some time for yourself. Engage in a fun activity, do your skincare routine, or just self introspect your life and all your goals. In a nutshell, just take a break every single day, even if it is for 10 minutes.

10. Organise Your Essentials


Do not let your spirits take you down; do not let anyone tell you that you are incapable of keeping your things in place. Take it as a challenge and start today; organise all your essential items carefully and assign them their separate areas and drawers where you will find them. Once you make it a habit, you would never stop, and it will become an addiction to keep all your things together!  

Final Statement

These are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your life a little easy rather than making it more complex than it already is. Make sure that you accommodate all these and more into your life and then see the change for yourself, and you would be surprised to see yourself this organised!