All of us love to have a desk that looks just like it came right out of the Pinterest board when you search for “work desk ideas or study table ideas”. There is no end to the amount one can experiment with to arrange the most suitable environment to attain maximum productivity while working.

Things You Must Keep in Mind while You Work

1. Sticky Notes

sticky notes

We come up with multiple ideas, to-lists, tasks, goals which range from daily deadlines or monthly or even a lifetime while we are working and exploring. And what can be the best possible way to keep them all together to remind you while you work for long hours every single day. The answer and solution to all of these dreams, aspirations, and daily goals are sticky notes! Sticky notes come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, pink, yellow, green, blue, red, and any color that you can ever imagine to be and the best part is that you can stick them anywhere that you want. Brownie points as they can also be used as bookmarks.

2. Water Bottle

water bottle

What is more important than to keep yourself hydrated while you work or get done with a 2-hour Zoom Meeting? Nothing, to be really honest. Keeping a water bottle handy on your work desk helps you to re-energize in between those long stressful hours of non-stop work. Water is always a necessity and an easy way to keep you fresh and fine when you don’t have the time to gorge on that fudge brownie waiting for you inside the fridge. What’s even better is a flask or insulated water bottle, one that would keep you water warm or cold, as required. Also, flasks are great for your hot beverages too!

3. Highlighters and Pens


Keeping a pack or two of highlighters and pens on your table while you are preparing a strategy to increase the monthly sales of your start-up is a great idea especially when you are working in the old school way but absolutely in the most productive. Creating flowcharts, writing topics, briefs, and important points come easy when you use different colors and link them all up together.

4. A Multi-Drawer Desk

Multiple Draw

A desk with good enough storage and multiple compartments to keep all your files, chargers, and notebooks in place is a must-have for all the people who have tons and tons of stationary to keep. The storage is also super useful to keep your desk all neat and tidy as you can get rid of all the charger wires, cases, and what not by allocating a separate drawer for them plus it will be dreamy to wake up and work without taking the pain of untangling all your wires. For people who keep on losing their wireless Bluetooth earphones, this will help them to keep the case safe.

5. Snack Jars/ Food jars

snack jar

To work for longer durations without having the time to eat can lead to fatigue and in the long run – a serious medical condition. Keeping a snack jar full of munchies and crackers to eat whenever you take a 10-minute break is a great way to help your body get some of the nutrients (even if they are not fat-free) required to function properly. Options are many for people who love to keep a snack routine for all the days and moments. As, what is life without a snack or two after a meal or before the meal or a midnight snack? Fill that insulated storage containers of yours with dates, nuts and raisins, and you are all set for a healthy snack in between work!

6. A Comfortable Chair


For most of the working professionals, working on any level requires hours and hours of concentrating on a computer screen while sitting on a chair for at least 7 hours a day which comes down to 100s and 1000s of hours per year. If the chair which you are using while you work is not comfortable enough, then that can result in having a stiff neck or a backache at the end of the day and continuous revelation to such issues can lead to bigger health problems like arthritis, spinal cord issues, and whatnot. Getting a comfortable chair should be one of the first things on your checklist!

7. Tablet Stand

tablet stand

A tablet stand works great for people who are into designing or even for people who are into research and need to refer to multiple pages and sites at on go. It can be adjusted to different positions making it easier for people to work and acts as a second screen.

8. A Rechargeable Table Lamp

table lamp

Having a table lamp on the work desk will help you get on a swift ride through the night. It will take you through and through the power cuts, or maybe just set the feel right when you need to call it a day at 5 am. At the same time, it also saves electricity, is portable and so you can even shift it to a random location as and when you want. You can even go up on the terrace and read up or work if you have a portable light! What can be considered as amazing as this?

9. Extensive Plug-In System


For someone who is always surrounded by multiple electronic devices while they are working such as a laptop, mobile phone, a desktop, lamp which needs to be put on charge now and then, having a good capacity plug-in system is very important so you don’t have to struggle when it comes to choosing which one to plugin first? It gives you the freedom to choose and not prioritize.

10. An All-in-One Box of Essential Items

essential items

Everyone should make it a point to have a box that contains a pen, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, sticky notes, glue-gum, stapler, and paper clips. It can become one go-to box for all the projects and planners for the day. The box can also work as a backup option if and when you lose an item.


Picking up habits and maintaining a healthy work-life is only possible when you take the required steps for it. There are so many other things that you can do to take your productivity to another level and make you feel good, such as keeping some green plants, paperweight, a calendar, etc. At the same time, requirements and comfort differ from a person to person. But surely, this list gives you some must-haves to increase productivity while working.