For working with full focus, you need an organized work desk. If the work desk is organized, it motivates you to work more, doesn’t it? For some, the work desk looking like a disaster might destroy the enthusiasm to work at all.  Decorating the work desk is a tricky thing because overdoing would lead to the crowding of the desk. it is important to maintain the work desk aesthetics and add on productivity. Hence, it should have important things only. It will only inspire and keep the mind fresh.

Best Accessories for Work Desk

Given below is the list of 10 things which are very useful and totally needed for an organized work desk. 

1. Insulated Bottle or Flask

water bottle

An insulated water bottle comes with many advantages. One can carry cold water during summer and it will remain that way. In winter, it can keep the hot coffee the same way. Insulated water bottles made up of stainless steel can keep the bacteria at bay. It’s very durable and can be used for a long time. They are eco friendly and very safe. They are easy to wash and do not contain toxic material (BPA) like plastic bottles.

2. Multiport USB Hub

multiport usb

Most of the laptops don’t have more than two USB ports. One can charge multiple devices at one go. It is very useful for those who work with USB hungry devices. There is no need to hunt for spare mains plug. 

3. Cable Clips

cable clips

 Cable clips are a management tool that help in segregating the cables. Often the wired go haywire and jumbled up. These cable clips organize the indoor circuit. It saves working time, making work more efficient. 

4. Desk Lamp

desk lamp

There are times when you need to stay late at the office. Desk lamp comes to the rescue. it is an important thing one should have at the work desk. It comes in a variety of sizes. The small ones are very chic and easily adjustable. It can be rotated 360 degrees, up and down for the perfect lighting. You can change the amount of light, dim or nightlight. It saves your eye from going blind under pressure. LED lamps are also available. Some of the desktop lamps have a built USB port. A desktop lamp is a very sensible accessory for a work desk. working late at night won’t be that much of a problem after getting a desk lamp. 

5. Energy Bar

energy bar

Work deadlines can haphazard our daily meals. Often due to rush at work, we forget to have our meals on time. For this particular reason, the energy bar qualifies are one of the most important works of desk accessories. It is very healthy and keeps the stomach. It is ideal as a meal substitute. It’s a quick munch on when you are hungry and too tired to go to the canteen for food. It does not take up much space either. You can have it secretly as well, no one would know.

6. Weekly Planner


With meetings and conferences every day one needs a weekly planner to be up to date and be ready. It helps to keep you organized and plan everything. It reminds you what’s ahead of your day. It makes the day more productive and has a work-life balance. They are available in many colors and types of paper. 

7. Stainless Steel Mug / Tumbler


If there’s anything that keeps us going through the busiest schedule at the office, it would be multiple cups of coffee or tea. Having a stainless steel tumbler or mug is worth the money. They are indestructible and they don’t diminish with repeated use. They are free from toxic materials such as zinc, lead, BPA. It is quite safe to hold the beverage in a stainless-steel insulated mug. It is resistant to stain and corrosion. It is incredibly easy to clean, unlike other plastic materials. It does not require careful handling like glass cups. It is also environment friendly. 

8. Wireless Charging


With the advancement of technology, most phones can be charged wirelessly these days. There are a lot of advantages to using a wireless charging pad. Even though the name suggests wireless, it is not completely wireless but it has fewer cords. Hence, no need to carry a USB charger to the office every day. There can be multiple wireless devices that can be charged on this wireless charging. as it is wireless, all the connections are enclosed with zero contact with oxygen and water. There is no chance of an electrical fault. It automatically shuts off when the phone is fully charged leaving no chance of overheating. As there is no chance of plug and unplug it lasts longer with no wear and tear. These are enough reasons to buy it for your work desk. 

9. Phone Stand

phone stand

Finding a phone on the work desk at times equals to treasure hunt. Having a phone stand has its own perks. It doesn’t clutter your desk if the phone is on the stand. No need to worry about misplacing it under books, piles of folders, office supplies. Keeping a phone on the stand helps to focus more on work as well. It becomes easier to answer calls when it is on the stand. It remains in the user’s area of vision, does not fall, stagger or deform. It’s easy to install and does not take up much space on the desk. 

10. Desktop File Holder

file folder

A desktop file holder allows positioning all kinds of folders at an appropriate distance from the monitor. It’s effective and keeps the work desk organized. There are times when you might be needing a physical, hard copy document but you end up messing up the whole desk. To avoid all the hassle and untidiness, a desktop file holder is a must have accessory for a work desk. 


These are the few things that can make the work desk look more organized, clean, and decorative. It is very crucial to have a clean desk to work efficiently. The above-stated items are just what a person needs for a clean and organized work desk.