Going on at least one road trip with your friends or partner has been a long dream for almost all of you. With the advent of road trip movies, these trips got further romanticized and raised the bar of your expectations too. But seldom have ventured out for a fifteen or twenty-hour drive seemed fun whoever your traveling partners maybe. 

Ways to Make the Road Trips Enjoyable

Nothing can beat the feeling of hitting the road, your favorite tunes pumping out of the music system, calculating and anticipating where your next stop might be. And with the help of these fun activities listed, you can make your trip even more enjoyable. 

1. Eat at a Local Spot

eat local spot

You are going to explore a lot of exciting spots while being on a road trip. You might as well take your taste buds on an adventure by trying out the local food joints. Who knows what exciting local cuisine you might stumble on? Keep your insulated food jars handy to fill them out with the food you completely fall in love with. Might, as well, pack some in an insulated food jar or a food storage container for the long journey at hand. 

2. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset (or Both)


There is a high chance you will see the sunrise and set while venturing out on long road trips. However, watching it on the go, from a moving vehicle, is not the same as soaking the scenic beauty while leisurely sitting on a rock with your traveling partners. Pack a few beers and some snacks in your food storage jars and enjoy it to the full. It will not cost you anything but it will be a great way to spend some hours and click a few Instagram worthy pictures.

3. Go Off Road for Fun

go off road

Some of the best places are off the beaten track. Taking that road not usually taken is a great way to stumble upon some of the most underrated and cool spots. You can explore some of the best landscapes and forge a closer connection with nature while avoiding the usual crowd. Get away from all the noise and cacophony the next time you go out on a road trip but do not forget to pack some food in the food jars if you fail to find any food joint down the road.  

4. Go for Camping


You do not need to drive overnight because highways are seldom safe at night. Instead, pack some tents and plan a camping trip with your friends. Pick a lonely spot, light a fire, tune your guitar, sing some songs, and share some stories. What better way to spend time with your friends?

5. Share a Story

Are you the guy with a good imagination in your car? Take out your story-telling cap and weave a story. Tell them about the book you are reading or knit one of your own. It is a great way to test the book’s plot you might be writing secretly without anyone knowing!

6. Record Your Vlog


Here is a chance to find some content for your vlog! Snap some clicks, record some videos of you and your gang having fun, or the beautiful sunset through the car window. Edit them when you reach home and upload them on your social media handles or YouTube channels. Not only will it serve your purpose, but you can reminisce your trip by going through them later on. 

7. Listen to a Podcast


Yes, listening to your favorite artist sing or a band play might be the music of your choice on a trip. But even good music might get a little weary when playing on for long. Mix it up with good podcasts available on all music sites. Not only will you learn something new, but it will also give you a much-needed break from the same playlist playing on loop. You can choose any topic of your likings, such as sports or literature and, pick the podcast you want to play. If the group is of mixed taste, opt for more generic ones, such as that of a comedian or a celebrity. 

8. Stop and Play Sports

Sitting in a car, all cramped up, for prolonged periods might make your legs, and the lower part of your body goes numb. There are dozens of different fun-filled road trip activities for adults that can get your blood pumping and use up some energy. Keep the blood circulations going by taking breaks and playing some sports such as football or volleyball.  And, if you happen to have a bit of money to spare from your budget, you might want to go for something fun and different like skydiving or speed boating, depending on the options available. 

9. Document Your Trip in a Creative Way

document trip

This might involve a bit of hard work, but it is not necessarily a bad thing if you have miles of the journey ahead. It will give you something to focus on and will definitely be worth it when you want to look back at all the fun you had years later. There are many ways to document your trip. Take photos of all the food you have – breakfast, lunch, and dinner; jot down the places you loved the most and the memories associated with them; buy cool souvenirs from every destination you visit, be it a postcard or anything small but memorable, and take snaps of all the names of the places you visited. There are a lot of ways to go creative. Take your pick. 

10. Play Games


No road trip is complete without a couple of games to play in the car. Play mind games, word games, and quizzes and riddles to have some fun on the road. 


People who packed up and drove for hours and called it may seem entirely and certifiably insane. There are times when the trip may seem completely unbearable. But with the right preparation and activities to do on the trip, it might be fun after all.