International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the world on 8th March every year. A day to celebrate women, their achievements and how they make our lives beautiful every moment. There are many ways of showing love and gratitude; getting a gift for your loved ones is one of them. Presents are always personal, and one needs to be very specific and run a thought behind choosing a gift because you cannot get flowers for someone who is allergic to them just because it is a standard option for everyone. It should be something that can be used every day and helps them get through their daily life. A good quality water bottle can be a great idea! Check out a few tips that will help you to get the best water bottle for her on women’s day.

A Few Tips to Choose the Perfect Water Bottle

1. Size

water bottle

Water bottles are available in multiple shapes and sizes, from small-sized flasks to a big sized thermos, there is something for everyone. Someone might prefer a 900 ml bottle regardless of how much space the bottle might take whereas someone might choose a 300ml water bottle as for them the bottle of water should not take a lot of space in their bag. So, if you are looking to buy a water bottle, you should be sure of the amount of water she wants to carry in the bottle as for someone who hardly drinks outside, a 1-litre bottle would become useless and be locked in a shelf for years. 

2. Design

water bottle

If your woman loves to move in style, then even her water bottle must match her vibe. You cannot just get her a plain coloured stainless steel flask. Check out the multiple options available online in different prints, textures, solid shades and more. A water bottle that goes for her lifestyle has to be kept in mind. If she is working at a company, get her some solid neutral shades in a compact size and if you are getting a water bottle for your little eight-year-old daughter (because why not) then get her some funky cartoon prints!

3. Material

water bottle

One of the most important aspects of choosing a water bottle as a gifting option is its material. You cannot gift a single-use plastic water bottle on women’s day to her (even if you are Kenny Sebastian and have a top-notch sarcasm level). Choose from the various options available – stainless steel, glass or copper to get quality performance.

4. Durability

water bottle

Don’t invest in a water bottle with a weak construction as it may break or get damaged in a few months. Durability is paramount when you are gifting something to someone even if they are flowers that are supposed to wither away. So look for a flask that has a good shelf life and has a robust built. A good quality flask should last at least ten years. 

5. Leak-Resistant

water bottle

Water Bottles are pretty useless if they leak all over the place. Even if the water bottle in front of you is the prettiest, most durable and the perfect size, do not go for it if it has chances of leakage. Women will never tolerate a pool of water inside their bags. So, you should look for a leakproof water bottle if you have to gift her a perfect water bottle.

6. Type and Purpose

water bottle

Suppose you are getting her a glass bottle that looks pretty on the dinner table. In that case, that is great as you already know how that bottle will be useful to her. But, if you want to dig deep and help your friend with a limited yet unlimited supply of coffee, then get an insulated flask or an insulated water bottle. 

7. Handy

water bottle

The shape of the bottle becomes essential when it comes to portability. An oval-shaped bottle might look pretty out of the box but will be challenging to carry and store. Bottles that come with a strap bag will be great for someone who wants to hold the drink separately and not carry in a bag. Whatever the case may be, a thermos or a flask should never be too difficult to carry and has to be handy and portable for work, school or a mountain trek.

8. Lightweight

water bottle

You must ensure that the bottle you are buying is lightweight. For example- glass bottles are mostly heavy and difficult to be carried every day. They are fragile and can break easily. Bottles that are heavy end up becoming a vase or a permanent water bottle on the dinner table. So, go for something that solves your purpose of gifting a water bottle to her.

9. Eco Friendly and Healthy for Her

water bottle

Try not to go for plastic water bottles as they contain an element called BPA in them. According to the studies, BPA elevates the risk of endocrine issues and breast cancer in women which is a common problem. Plastic Bottles will never be able to maintain the temperature of the drink like insulated flasks can. At the same time, it is a great option to switch to better quality materials that prove healthy for her and the environment at the same time. So, go for better and safe materials.

10. Quality

water bottle

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you would certainly get a quality water bottle. A combination of design, durability, BPA Free and portability is all that we can expect from a water bottle that should solve her (or your ) purpose – to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water throughout the day!

Final Thoughts

Taking a step towards celebrating the women in your life and going for options that are most likely to be more sustainable for the earth is the perfect way to celebrate the next women’s day. Invest in an insulated water bottle or an insulated flask to make sure that she never stops for a second while brainstorming just because her coffee ran cold.