Indian monsoon and downpours are unpredictable, just like the autos on roads. Scanty when you need them and far too many and all at once when you are least expecting. With the onset of rainy season, keeping yourself hydrated is one way to ensure you are immune to viruses, influenza and flu. It could be difficult to keep sipping water when you are not thirsty. An interesting yet healthy way to ensure you sip water all through the day is by infusing some fruit and flavour into it, and storing it in an insulated flask, one that you can always have by your side! Why a flask though? The best feature of an insulated water bottle or a flask is how it can retain the warmth and freshness of the beverages you store! Sipping on warm cucumber-infused, minty water from your flask while you are at your work desk, or drinking your fresh and cool berry infused water while you are watching a series on Netflix, it sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Fruits and herbs infused water have a refreshing flavour and a subtle sweetness, none too overpowering, but lingering long enough to keep you rejuvenated. Add fresh fruits and herbs to a jar of water, store them overnight or refrigerate allowing the flavours to infuse. If you prefer warm drinks during monsoon, add fresh fruits, herbs and spices to boiling water, simmer until your kitchen turns fragrant. Strain and transfer the infused water to a smart water bottle, one that is insulated and retains the freshness and flavours of the herbs and fruits all day long. Here are some infusions, that will make the whole water-drinking experience pleasurable while washing away your exhaustion as well.

1. Lemon, ginger and mint


A few slices of lemon, a small piece of ginger and a handful of mint leaves is all it takes to turn a jar of water into a flavourful drink. The heat from the ginger perfectly balances the acidity of lemon, and the bare whisper of mint enriches every sip you take. Add this infusion to your tea and enjoy your minty hot chai, a perfect drink for a rainy day!

2. Cucumber, lemon and mint


This infusion is loaded with so much freshness, you will reach out for your water bottle more often than ever. Add a few slices of cucumber, lemon and a handful of mint leaves to a jar of water, refrigerate, and transfer it to your bottle and you are all set for a long day at work!

3. Orange and ginger


The slightly sour and sweet drink with traces of ginger hitting in is perfect for monsoon as it is loaded with vitamin C and makes the best alternative for sugary sodas that are plain unhealthy with loaded sugar in them responsible for type 2 diabetes, dehydration as well as depletion of calcium in your body!

4. Strawberry and basil


Strawberry and basil infused water has a tad bit of sweetness and tartness from the fruit and undertones of fresh basil wafting through subtly every time you take a sip from your bottle.

5. Apple, clove and cinnamon

The drink packs huge amount of flavour from cinnamon and clove with the subdued sweetness of apple, perfect for a rainy day!

With a handful of ingredients from your kitchen and some tropical fruits, you can try myriad variations of infused water. Shop online for stainless steel water bottle for all your infused drinks, both hot and cold.