Summer time is the best of the year. It’s the season of holidays, barbecue, beach fun, festivals, and the Olympics, just to name a few. It is the season that we all look forward to the most, especially the children. But as fun as the summer and all that sunshine can be for your soul, it can also be pretty harmful for your skin and your body if you don’t prepare yourself to handle the extreme heat and scorching sun.

Don’t worry though, there is nothing that summer season can do to you so long as you head into it properly prepared. There are some essentials that you should stock up on for summer to make sure that you can enjoy to the fullest while protecting your body from harm.

The essential summer essentials

Here are some of the most essential summer necessities that you will need to not fall victim to the sun and the heat –

At the top of the list is the all too important sunscreen. It is important to emphasize that even if you have darker skin which can handle the sun better than fair skin, you should still make it a habit to apply sunscreen when you have to be outside during the day. Sunscreen doesn’t just protect your skin from burning, it also blocks out UV rays which cause skin cancer. Don’t ignore the SPF either, make sure you’re using SPF 30 at a minimum. SPF 30 blocks 87% of UV rays. Most sunscreens in the market have different levels of SPF, just ensure you pick up one with levels higher than 30.

Water bottle
You won’t make it through the extreme summer heat without drinking plenty of water. The summer heat has a way of draining your body of energy and moisture, either through excessive sweating or evaporation. If you aren’t hydrated properly you will succumb to the heat and suffer from heat stroke. Your body will also begin to not function properly. Make sure you carry your trusted water bottle with you every time you head out. An insulated drinkware is a best bet to carry chilled or cold water with you in summer.

Hydrating snack
Water shouldn’t be your only source of hydration during the summer. It is important to eat hydrating food as well. Fruits like water melon, grapefruit, oranges, apples, etc. are especially good for this. Invest in an insulated food jar, one that will keep your summer snacks fresh for a longer period of time, and one that is perfect to be carried with you wherever you go!

Umbrella/Sun glasses

Finally, during the summer you absolutely need some kind of way to reduce your levels of direct sun exposure. That’s where the shady umbrella, hat, scarf, what you have comes in handy. Make sure to carry sun glasses too wherever you go in the summer.

Summer is that time of the year you are looking forward to spend in a holiday resort or even beaches. It helps when you are summer ready and well equipped to spend most part of your day outside! Carry these summer necessities and soak up the sun this time of the year!