The world of food jars is an extremely important topic of conversation, even more so when your kitchen is one of your favorite places in your lovely home. Knowing how to pick a good jar will help you in the long run. If you thought jars were simple affairs, you are mistaken. The quality of your jar is going to affect how well it is able to store anything, food, spices, pulses or even your baking supplies.

Your jar’s contents will keep longer, stay safer, and even look better on display when you choose well. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to find a quality set of jars. It is just a matter of knowing what to look for.

So, what makes for a good jar?

The ultimate goal of any jar is keeping the stored ingredients fresh and safe. After all, if you didn’t care about what the jar was holding, you wouldn’t have bothered to store it in the first place. To make sure that a jar is able to optimally store your food, water, medicine, spices, etc. it needs a few important features –


You always want your jars to be insulated, especially if they are holding any kind of food items. The insulation just regulates the temperature thus keeping the stored ingredients fresh for a longer time. It may not matter if the contents you’re storing are cold or warm but preventing the temperature from fluctuating will extend the shelf life of contents.

If you are a person who loves a fully stocked kitchen at all times, then insulated jars will come in handy in storing the kitchen ingredients well. Also, when your food containers are insulated, they can be used as serving jars on your table or as meal carriers for your quick lunches!


Its best to buy your jars in a set, and to make sure that that set is stackable. Jars are about compartmentalization and storage efficiency. How well your jars are able to sit next to one another or above one another is part of that efficiency. You also want to make sure that the jars won’t fall over when stacked on top of one another. This is an important feature to look out for when you do not have an elaborate kitchen cabinet or if you are simply looking at saving kitchen space.

Air-Tight Lids

Any jar you buy needs an air tight seal because air is what spoils food and shortens the lifespan of objects. An air-tight preserve maximizes the shelf life of anything you use the jar to store.


There is no point in buying kitchen jars just for aesthetics. At the end of the day, you will only be using them longer if you find them comfortable to use. Wide mouth jars are convenient simply because loading, scooping and cleaning all gets easier.

When it comes to your kitchen, every single thing matters. Choose your food jars with care and you are sorted for the most part! Shop online for insulated, air-tight, stackable and wide-mouthed food jars today!