A lot of people rely on exercise and workouts to stay healthy, fit, and even sane! Since the pandemic began in 2020, it has become difficult for everyone to go to the gym. However, that is no reason to skip workouts, as you can get the same results just by working out from home. Taking out 30 minutes to 1 hour every day is all you need. Don’t forget to buy a workout mat as it is beneficial for various exercises. Another vital thing to remember is to keep hydrating yourself. Keep a water bottle beside you at all times during the workout session. Here are few easy home workouts to try.

1. Jumping/Skipping


Jumping rope or skipping is known to be as effective as running, and for a good reason. It is an excellent fast workout alternative, especially when you are running short of time and space. It also improves your aerobic capacity, and it increases the tolerance of your load-bearing joints like ankles and knees. The calories burnt in the jumping rope is more than the calories burnt in the running. 30 minutes of running is equivalent to 10 minutes of skipping. Yes, it is time you take this up! First, warm up by doing a few stretches or yoga. You can alternate skipping between other exercises like squats, Pilates, planks, walking lunges etc. You can also make a sequence for you like skipping – air lunges – plank hold – repeat. This is a sure-shot way of losing calories and a whole-body workout.

2. Circuits


Circuits is a combination form of exercise where you would be following a sequence. It is a perfect workout for toning and cardiovascular training. It improves your muscular strength, muscular endurance and adherence to exercise. It keeps you on the go and makes you sweat tons! It is anything but monotonous and boring, and you will love it! You can try a combination of jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, and jump squats to get your heart rate up and to keep your routine fun! You can also make your combination of moves or ask your trainer for some! It would be best to stick to a healthy diet and circuit training for significant weight loss.

3. Yoga


Contrary to popular belief, yoga is much more than calming your mind and body. Yoga improves your flexibility and balancing. If you are recovering from an accident or fall, it is highly helpful in resetting your primary movement patterning and also activates your parasympathetic nervous system. Most celebrities have now switched to yoga for its benefits and results. You can opt for yin yoga or restorative yoga for recovery. You can also look up yoga exercises of your choice on the internet. Spending 30 minutes daily on yoga is as good as 30 minutes of running, and what could be better than doing that all right at your home? In the process of sweating, don’t forget to hydrate yourself.

4. Dancing


There was a time when dancing was only meant for coordinated and graceful people. The norm has changed, and dance has been recognized for being a great form of exercise. It is fun, and no one can get tired of dancing. Who doesn’t want to groove to beats and music? No matter how bad of a dancer you are, it will still find a way to burn calories and fat. It is also great for balance, cognitive functioning, stress management and weight loss. It improves your overall health considerably. You can look up plenty of dancing videos online that are easy, fun and effective. Zumba is an easy form of dancing. It is available in a lot of gyms and studios and enrolling would be a good idea. If you are a shy person, you can just follow some YouTube tutorials. Dancing will get you sweating in no time, and you will see your body toning up.

5. Step-Ups

step ups

If you are a member of a gym, you can use the stair-climber. But, if you want to do it at home, then all you need is a wooden box. It is a body resistance exercise that works on your legs, muscles and buttocks. It is a recommended form of exercise for conditioning the lower body. It is as good as running and, when done for a more extended period, better than running!  For a solid 30-minute workout, select a song, warm-up, do some lunges and do a 1-minute stepping up and down and follow it with jumping jacks. This sequence will help you sweat and also keep your heart rate up. You will notice the results in no time, and your legs especially get toned.

6. Take the Stairs

take the stairs

Cardio will always be your best friend when it comes to exercising. It burns your calories and gets the whole body going. But if you are wondering how to go about the cardio right at your lunchtime, then you don’t have to look further than your stairs. This will recharge your whole body and also strengthen your calf muscles and tone your thighs. Stair climbing is also known to burn more calories than jogging; it reduces the risk of heart stroke and improves cardiovascular fitness. You can easily opt for the stairs in your house, apartment, or workplace. If your food court is a few floors above your workplace, ditch the elevator, or do the same when you are going to your workspace in the morning. If you are working from home, go up and down a floor a couple of times.

7. The Belly Workout

belly workout

Most women have the same concern, their belly fat! The fat in the belly and the waist are stubborn fats that need some working on. A flatter belly doesn’t only make you look and feel good but also regulate your sugar levels, blood pressure, and blood lipids. You can go for exercises like planks, side planks, sit-ups, crunches, and a Russian twist. Start with some stretching or jumping jacks and do each of every exercise. 30 reps of each with 15-second interval between each exercise can be beneficial.

8. Squat and Lunge Variations


The lower body takes the hit when you consume many fats or have little physical activity. The fat gets accumulated in areas like tummy, hips, waist, thighs, etc. This is the reason your lower body needs more workout than your upper body. Lunges and squats make a terrific impact on building the muscles of the entire body. Apart from enhancing the curves, they also increase the joint movement, burn fat, and better your fitness. It would be ideal for alternating between lunges and squats! Start with pistol squats, then go for cross-behind lunges, follow it up with a squat jump, kick through lunges, side lunges and end it with split jumps. Each exercise can be done for 1 minute with 30 reps each.

9. Muscle Strengthening

muscle strengthening

You need muscle strengthening exercises to work on your body’s muscles for better strength and stamina. Pull-ups, push-ups, and planks fall in this category. You can do these exercises pretty much anywhere and don’t need a lot of places too. While pull up engages your forearms, core, biceps, and mid-back, pull up works on your core, triceps, shoulders, and chest. A minute of push-ups, pull-ups, planks, tricep curls, and end it with touching your toes. Alternate each with a 10 seconds’ gap. If you are a beginner, you could feel the burn in your back and stomach, but don’t give up!

10. Stationary Bike

stationary bike

As a kid, biking would’ve been your favorite thing to do. What better than pedaling away? It is time to bring that sport back! As it happens, biking is an excellent way to lose weight! As you already know, every gym has a stationary bike. You get one home too! Stationary biking aids in weight loss, burns body fat, strengthens legs, enables a low impact workout, and is much safer than road bicycling. A stationary bike comes with a digital display of your heartbeat, speed, etc. You can select a mode that mimics a run and get going! 10 minutes of cycling with one interval can prove to be quite useful! You can also alternate between other exercises for better and quicker results.


The idea is to make a workout routine and stick to it at all times. These workouts can be done in combination, or you can stick to any one of them. It is also important to note that stretching before and after training ensures smooth muscle movement.