Summer time is almost upon us, and summer time is unanimous with beach time. The beach can be lovely and fun when you plan for it properly. A failure to plan for the beach can result in a miserable trip that ends up with lots of sand in your shoes and a lot of sun burn. But this doesn’t ever have to be your fate, so long as you learn how to pack the proper beach bag.

What should be in the ultimate beach bag


As the famous saying goes, “always bring a towel”. If you bring nothing else with you to the beach, absolutely do not forget your towel. It is good for more than simply drying yourself off. It forms an excellent substitute for a beach chair and can protect you from too much sun exposure. You can even dip the towel in water and use it to cool yourself down as well.


No matter who you are, you absolutely cannot afford to ignore the importance of sunscreen when you’re at the beach. Too much sun exposure will not only burn your skin, it can also cause skin cancer. Make sure the sunscreen you buy protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays tend to cause sun burn and UVA rays tend to cause skin cancer.


Another important piece of equipment when at the beach is a nice pair of sunglasses. The beach can be very dangerous for your eyes, because the light reflects off the water in a way that intensifies it. Make sure whatever pair of shades you buy for your eyes has built in UV protection. The UV rays can harm your retina even if you don’t look directly at the sun.

Water Bottle

It is pretty easy to get dehydrated while hanging out at the beach, especially if you’re being active. That’s why you should have a source of water readily on hand. Having a stainless-steel water bottle with you will not only encourage you to drink more, it will also stop you from making bad drinking decisions.

Head Cover

Protecting yourself from sun exposure is one of the most important things to do while enjoying the beach. That’s why it’s important to bring something to cover your head with, whether it be an umbrella, a hat, or even a scarf.