Gluten-free, loaded with amino acids and fiber rich, ragi is definitely healthy, while it is also one whole grain that tastes delicious in its various forms – idly, dosa, roti, bread and even cakes! Ragi, also known as finger millet, has been a traditional food in many parts of India. Ragi mudde, also knows as finger millet balls is a protein-rich recipe that is quite popular across south India simply for its nutrient profile.
Widely accepted as super food, this tiny whole grain packs in itself earthy flavour, deliciousness and a load of nutritional advantage! Be it ragi idli, pakodas, parathas or even halwa, the millet can be cooked in various ways, each delicacy tasting as exceptional as the other while providing the necessary supplements and fiber! Cook a ragi delicacy today and store it in a casserole to be served warm during the meal time, not sure what to cook? Here are a few Ragi recipes that you can try at home today.

  1. Ragi Roti
  2. Ragi Malpua
  3. Ragi Dosa
  4. Ragi Idli
  5. Ragi Noodles
  6. Ragi Ladoo
  7. Ragi Halwa
  8. Ragi Malt
  9. Ragi Idiyappam
  10. Ragi Puttu