Summer is the season of exuberance, vitality, sunshine, butterflies, mangoes, outdoorsmanship, love, and excitement. It is that time of year when people suddenly feel alive and life seems like it is filled with endless possibilities. Summer is also essentially the time for bucket lists! Yes, when the sun is out, it is time to get things done. Most people already know what they want to do this summer, there is something that has been on their mind for a long time and they are prepared to get it done. But for everyone who already knows what is on their summer bucket list, there is someone that hasn’t ever really thought about it. This article is for all the people who aren’t prepared to fully take advantage of summer. Below, are some great items to add to your summer bucket list so you don’t waste one moment of the sunshine.

Summer Bucket List Activities!

  1. Spend a day at an amusement park – While you are at it, choose a water theme park, so you can enjoy the most out of it.
  2. Eat fresh fruits – Summer is a season of mangoes and melons. Make sure you enjoy every seasonal fruit!
  3. Try a new dessert – When it comes to mangoes, it doesn’t always have to be a milkshake, you can try interesting desserts that you can make out of a mango, this would not only please your palate, but also your entire family.
  4. Eat street food – Summer is the best time for street foods. If you’ve been eyeing on food-street joints, then this is the perfect time to indulge in a few.
  5. Watch an outdoor movie – Summer evenings are perfect, and if you have a drive -in theatre in your surroundings, go watch an outdoor movie.
  6. Enjoy a picnic – Make sure you have a meal outside enjoying the breeze, sunshine and trees! Pack your lunch in the insulated Vaya Tyffyn and a book that you enjoy and you are all set for an outing!
  7. Take a road trip – Carry a bag of essentials like an insulated water bottle, first aid medicine and a few snacks to keep your hunger pangs away. Get on that road trip you’ve always dreamt about!
  8. Hit up the beach – Beaches are more fun during the summer, perfect to soak up the sun, sand and ocean!
  9. Take a 24-hour break from all of your screens – This is almost impossible and has nothing to do with the summer, but definitely needs to be on the bucket list. When you take a break from the digital world, you will have time to look at the stars, go snorkeling and even spend more time outdoors!
  10. Take a tour of your city – If you haven’t explored the city you live in like a tourist, summer is the best time to become a tourist in your city!