Many of us choose a lifestyle that helps us strike a balance with our other priorities in life. Lifestyle detox supports your body’s ability to detoxify itself. Detox is neither a myth nor a scam as misunderstood by many. At this very moment, as you are reading this, your lungs, skin and even kidney are working on getting rid of toxins from your body. Lifestyle detox involves a set of practices which are doable and in the long run help your body to react in a better way to your occasional indulgences.

Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate – Staying hydrated is a biological imperative. You will see an increase in your water intake when you start carrying your own& water bottle every time you head out. Invest in a Flask that will allow you to carry any beverage of your choice, hot or cold. An insulated water bottle you like will motivate you to have small incremental sips every few hours. You can infuse fruits to your water, make it more interesting and keep sipping it all through the day, if you find it hard to keep drinking plain water. Buy a stainless steel water bottle today and carry a drink with you everywhere you go.

Are you sleeping well? – Eight hours of un-interrupted sleep is a luxury for many with busy schedules and ever-active social and virtual lives. People who are not well rested typically underperform with their health not cooperating in functioning well. It’s important to give body some time to rest and reboot for the next day! Quality sleep has many benefits and therefore we must try and get more of it!

Eat Mindfully –Refraining from food in the name of drastic diets and eating to satiate emotions like comfort, stress or happiness create more damage than you can imagine. Mindful eating is the perfect antidote to the vicious binge- purge cycle. Supporting your body with healthy and balanced food is necessary as cutting back and binging both compromise your body’s ability to repair itself! Invest in a lunch box or tiffin box that will allow you to indulge in a variety of food while you exercise portion control. If you have the habit of snacking on sweets or fried items, try and cut out the habit. You can instead reach out to healthy snacks like nuts, dry fruits, fruits or raw veggies. Use an insulated food storage jar, one that will keep your healthy snack fresh for a few hours straight!

Keep yourself Active – You don’t have to start exercising or hit the gym right away to become more active. Starting small with one simple change every day becomes a better habit. A walk around the block or choosing to take the stairs instead of steps once in a while helps much.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks and Switch to Healthier Options – Remember to go for a cup of green tea, juice or even home-made smoothies or congee when you have a brief yet powerful urge to go for a cup of coffee or tea. Shop Vaya Drynk online so you can carry your beverages, be it congee or fruit-infused water with you every day.