Summers call for Summer Vacations which essentially mean a few days on the beach. But it isn’t just about having a few days off the block from your everyday life; instead, this is the time when you need to focus on your health, skin and your mood the most. If you forget to pack the book that you have been rooting for several months or miss your sunglasses or that stainless steel water bottle that was waiting for you on the kitchen counter, then you are in for a lot of trouble. But, making a simple list of all the essentials can be a great idea so that you double-check them before rolling your trolley out of the lobby. Check out our list of the five summer essentials that you should carry while you are travelling. 

Your 5 Travel Essentials

1. Mobile Phone

mobile phone

You should make it a habit to put your phone on charge the night before you are supposed to leave and drop it in your handbag the moment it touches 100%. It is a normal condition when people think that they are ready but forget to carry their most precious possession – their mobile phone. Earlier, people used Digital Cameras, took printed maps, waited for telephone booths and used the car radio. But now, there is a mini world altogether on a mobile phone. Starting from Google Maps, Music Applications, Calling to Camera or booking a Cab, a mobile phone is a compact device full of all of these and more. No doubt, mobile phones have made it convenient for people to travel to and from any part of the world. Ensure that you carry a portable charger and never forget your mobile phone at your home or a midway hotel. After all, it is not a vacation if you are not clicking pictures of sunsets and making boomerangs of the waves touching your feet or simply lost your way on a road trip. 

2. Water Bottle

water bottle

People who suffer from motion sickness find it challenging to go for road trips, but some simple home remedies can help them. Carrying some ginger water or some lemonade in a smart water bottle can be great as they are rich in antioxidant properties, can help you with heatstroke and can cure mild motion sickness to a great level. At the same, you must always keep a water bottle handy when you step outside. Vacations are incomplete without some fizzy drinks, a picnic juice, coupled with some tasty snacks when you hit the road. Most of the times, people feel that it is better to carry a plastic bottle because they are lightweight and can be used and disposed of later. Just because you dispose of a plastic water bottle doesn’t mean that the earth is decomposing the same. So make sure that you carry your liquids in a good quality water bottle or flask that is BPA free. Switching to insulated water bottles like a flask bottle or a steel water bottle will make sure that your drink is safe, tastes the same and at the same time maintains the exact temperature that it is supposed to. 

3. Emergency Medicines

emergency medicines

Often, there is always someone who falls sick during the vacations or gets a bruised knee during an easy trek, so keeping a first aid box is very important. No one wants to be a spoilsport or bring down everyone’s energy. Prepare a go-to-box with some waterproof bandages, aspirin, ointments, cough syrup and a few tablets of paracetamol. A medical box will ensure that you and your team are ready for even the most unfortunate situations. So, don’t wait and compile your safety kit before you step out for your summer vacation.

4. Snack Box

snack box

Vacations guarantee you two things: time away from home and unlimited cheat meals every day. This is the time when you can have all the tasty dishes that you have been craving for, and no gym instructor would stop you or make you feel guilty every day for that one lemon cheesecake. If you are going for a road trip or a train journey to the countryside, make sure that you take a bag or a containers full of munchies that will last you for a round trip. Multiple packets of chips, chocolates, cookies, peppermint gums and cola should be in your bag for sure. You can also take some ready-to-make curries, marshmallows and mosquito repellants if you are going to camp somewhere. So take a trip to your nearby supermarket and get your hands on these and more. After all, how else will you survive a road trip if you do not stuff your mouth with a handful of nachos every hour? 

5. Skincare


If you are someone who has a skincare routine for every season, then you are blessed. But for those who do not have a practice of following a skincare mantra might need some skincare when they are going off station. No one wants to deal with some heatstrokes or a deep tan after a fun beach day, so you must carry a bottle of sunscreen. Making a box for all your essentials can be a great way to organise your luggage, so get a box and add a bottle of sunscreen, moisturiser, lip guard, a mini facewash and some wet tissues to clear all the dirt from your skin. Summer heat, especially with climate change, is not suitable for your skin, so make sure to protect yourself from all the harmful rays. No blackheads, no oily skin should be the target for Summer 2021!

Final Thoughts

Summer holidays are always fun. These holidays are typically the ones we all need and wait for until the very last day. People decide their destinations, book their hotels but become very lazy when it comes to packing. So, the smart way to pack your things is by preparing a list sometime in advance and pack accordingly. Lastly, do not forget to grab your tickets and enjoy your vacations thoroughly. Happy Summer 2021!