It is early in the morning, you have packed the kids’ lunch, loaded up the sports gear, packed your office bag, and there’s five minutes before the entire family needs to be loaded in the car or everyone’s going to be late. You poured your coffee into a thermos flask and all you need to do is grab your keys, lock the door, and start the car.

You look down at the table where you know you place your keys every time you come inside only to realize that they’re not there. You pat down your pockets, they’re not there; you check your actual key rack, they’re not there; finally, you summon the whole family and begin a search of the full house. But no one can find them, because they were actually in your bed room the whole time, on your night stand next to your Kindle.

Losing or misplacing your keys is a real problem that affects thousands of families around the world. Thankfully, modern science has managed to find a solution to this devastating modern problem in the form of a key finder. A key finder is basically a device that you can attach to your keys or other valuable items like wallet, luggage and so on to alert you to the key’s or other  item’s location.

There are several different types of key finders or trackers in the market which offer various features to help you keep track of your keys. Most of these  trackers work via Bluetooth and are tethered to your phone, but all of them have some type of wireless capacity and alarm or alert system. The best part about Bluetooth key finders is how you can always use them to find your TV remote, luggage, bags and even your mobile phone! Important features that you need to look for in a Bluetooth tracker are as follow –

  1. Bluetooth Range – There are several trackers covering different ranges in feet. Choose a tracker which covers a minimum range of about 100 feet.
  2. Alarm Volume – Make sure you choose a key finder that comes with an audible volume, that is also pleasant and non-hindering!
  3. Battery Life – Choose a tracker that comes with replaceable batteries.
  4. Other Features – There are trackers which come with other essential features like SOS alarm or customizable to be used as a selfie remote control!

No matter how organized you are, you might still have days when finding the lost keys ritual could become frustrating! Not just keys, there are times when you keep misplacing your wallet, TV remote or even your laptop bag. A Bluetooth tracker works well as a phone finder, ringing your phone even when it is on silent mode! With a handy Bluetooth tracker, your lost-and-found routine is not just made simple, but saves you from the frantic searches that could become stressful at times!