An insulated food storage or drinkware or in simple words thermos is something everyone should invest in. It keeps your food and beverages fresh and at the right temperature for hours. Although an insulated lunch box is a relatively simple device, it does have some specific user requirements that you have to meet to make it work as best as it possibly can. Read on to learn how to use your insulated food storage or drinkware the right way.

Read the Instructions – They’re There for a Reason

Every good thermos should come with some set of instructions, even if it’s just a small slip of paper. The instructions should tell you how to take care of the thermos properly and the thermos’ range. That should include how long it can keep food cold or hot and the type of material it is made out of.

Pack Foods at the Temperature They’re Supposed to Be Eaten at

Insulated jars and thermoses work best when you pack food at the right temperatures. If you like your food piping hot, then you might want to pack steaming hot food in the insulated lunchbox so it works its efficient best in keeping your food the way you like it. Similarly, pack your kheer, sorbets and even ice creams frozen or chilled so your Thermos can maintain the temperature and provide you a great dessert experience.

Prepare Your Lunchbox/Drinkware for Better Performance

Most people don’t know this little tip, but they should. You can maximize a thermos’ ability to regulate the temperature of your food by priming it. To prime it before you pack hot food, just pour boiling hot water into it ahead of time. If you are planning on packing a cols salad or a dessert, prechill it by pouring cold water a few hours before use. You can also fill the thermos with ice and let it sit for a while. Make sure to pour out any of the water you used to preheat or prechill before storing food into it.

Hand Wash Your Thermos

Most thermos containers are listed as dishwasher safe, but you can extend the lifespan of your thermos by choosing to handwash it. Ensure you use a plastic scrub or a soft scrub with a mild detergent.

Now that you know how simple it is to use a thermos or insulated lunchbox, and how efficiently you can prepare them to work well for you, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get those insulated tiffin box and trendy thermos you’ve been eyeing for a while. Shop at for insulated lunchboxes, drinkware and storage jars!