Well, needless to say, a water bottle is an essential part of every traveller’s kit, isn’t it? Access to pure drinking water at all times will keep you hydrated and fresh all through your travel. However, did you know that an insulated stainless steel water bottle is best for your travel? Here are a few reasons why these score higher as compared to their counterparts.

  • Durability: When it comes to durability, nothing can really match a stainless-steel water bottle. It is solid and sturdy and will last for several years when used properly. This is particularly important when it comes to travel, for having a sturdier water bottle or flask is absolutely essential when you are travelling.
  • Keeps flavours intact: Interestingly enough, stainless steel is known to repel flavors which means that your flask will not retain any memory of the flavors of the beverage you stored last. Fruit juice today, coffee tomorrow: you could always decide! Travelers will really appreciate the flexibility that an insulated flask brings since it isn’t always possible to carry several bottles along when traveling.
  • Rustproof: Stainless-steel water bottles are also rustproof, which means you can get them wet in the rain without worrying about destroying them. This makes these bottles the ideal travel companion.
  • Shatter-proof: Did you know these bottles are both shatter and shockproof? What this means is that you can drop your bottle without getting it damaged or distorted unlike glass bottles that are fragile. A boon for travellers, isn’t it?
  • Insulation: Having an insulated water bottle or flask means that you can store both hot and cold liquids in the bottle and enjoy while you are travelling. This means that your steaming hot coffee will stay hot while that fresh fruit juice won’t be touched by the scorching summer sun in spite of you enjoying your sunbath in a beach whole day!

The list of the advantages of carrying an insulated stainless steel water bottle seems to be never-ending! That is why you have to get yours today. Shop Online for slim and smart Vaya Drynk here. The insulated water bottles are slim, smart and come in vibrant colors and prints you’d absolutely love!