Summer means a load of indoor and outdoor activities. However, it can also signal the incoming of intense heat. The heat of summer brings many disadvantages that can injure your children.

While summer can be a fun time for many people, to play and participate in various outdoor activities, it is also a time to ensure kids get the protection they need. Hydration is the key. A water bottle by your kids side at all times and a few other tips can make summer enjoyable –

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from the Heat

Some downsides of hot weather are heatstroke, dehydration, vomiting, disorientation, cramping, nausea, frequent headaches, burnt skin, etc. Here are ten ways by which you can ensure your child remains hydrated and healthy summer:

1. Sufficient Hydration

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Water forms an integral part of life. Your child must have easy access to clean drinking water. Lack of sufficient water under the spell of the sun can cause heatstroke, fainting spells, intense dehydration, nausea, etc. Specialists like pediatricians strenuously insist that children must always have access to sufficient hydration. This is to avoid loss of minerals and electrolytes through sweat. You can ensure that your child drinks adequate water by plying them with a stainless steel water bottle.

2. Drink Reminders

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Children are expected to make mistakes. Due to the heat, they might drink more water than is good for them. Since it is not easy to be constantly vigilant, you can make timely reminders for your child to drink water at that allocated time. Overhydration can cause adverse effects like water toxicity.

3. Healthy Treats

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Ice creams and lollipops are a welcome respite in summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your kids. You can offer healthier alternatives like flavored yogurt and salads made with curd. You can look up recipes for homemade ice pops made with yogurt or water and fruits. 

4. Eat Vegetables

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Vegetables are an often overlooked part of a child’s diet. Summer can put a dampener on your child’s immune system, so they must make up for it by eating vegetables. You can incorporate veggies in the form of creative salads and smoothies. Opt for vegetables high in water content, like tomatoes and cucumbers.  

5. Dietary Changes

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Summer heat can cause havoc on your child. The heat can cause stomach upsets, tummy aches, headaches, etc. Make sure that your child gets food that is light and has high water content. Avoid greasy, fried food and frequent visits to restaurants. You should provide your child with plain water or water laced with electrolytes in a stainless steel water bottle. Even a thermos flask of cold water will ensure they do not suffer from dehydration.

6. Fruit Juices and Smoothies

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Children are prone to indulge in unhealthy summer junk food like ice creams to cool down. While an occasional treat is a welcome surprise, it shouldn’t be the norm. Encourage your child to opt for healthier choices like fruit juices. It’s a tasty way to ensure that your child partakes in seasonal fruits like mangoes, kiwis, pineapples, litchis, and more. If your child is fussy about eating fruits, you can feed them the same in the form of juices and pretty smoothies.

7. Cold Beverages

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Apart from the innumerable juices and cold drinks, you can help your child remain cooler by preparing cold dishes. For example, instead of hot soup, you can make vichyssoise, a type of cold soup. Light sandwiches, cold cuts, and raw veggies make for better snacks than warmer or junk foods. You can make cold drinks out of fruits and soda. Pour the beverages in a stainless steel water bottle for your kid to carry around with them.

8. Cold Showers

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The torrid heat can make children sicker than adults. Ensure that your child takes frequent baths to cool their body down. A cold shower in the morning and right after some physical activity will provide relief and restore energy. Studies show that a cold shower is much more beneficial than a warm bath. A shower with cold water before going to bed will ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep.

9. Outdoor Activities

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Summer is a marvelous time for your child to play outdoor games with their friends. There are many activities your child can participate in with other children. Outdoor activities form an essential part of your child’s social skills and keep them fit. It helps them build social relations and allows you some free time. You can encourage your child to take part in fun projects like swimming, bicycling, obstacle courses, water slip-n-slides, etc. make sure your kids have plenty of access to drinking water. Make them carry a kids water bottle for good measure.

10. Regulated Playtime

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There are certain times in the day when it isn’t practical to keep a child out of doors for long. Avoid letting your child outside the confines of your home between 10 am and 4 pm. This is the time when the sun is at its mightiest. The fiery heat of the sun can cause your child to fall sick. If you have to, then let your child play with friends in a sheltered area. Make sure they do not stay under the direct rays of the sun for a long time.


Summer is a time for much fun and frolicking. The season is reminiscent of bright blue skies, frequent barbecues, get-togethers, ice creams, and air conditioners. Your child must keep a water bottle or a flask on them at all times to ensure adequate hydration. Light clothes and sufficient ventilation will certainly make things easier.