For some people, the Summer Season brings together a lot of joy and happiness. After all, this is the season to have some tasty watermelons, juicy mangoes, and many ice creams. But Summers, especially in Asian countries, is nothing but all sweat due to the extremely humid climate. The only catch to be comfortable when dealing with the weather comes down to a few tips and tricks that you must incorporate into your daily routine. Read this article if you wish to get an idea about creating a summer routine this 2021!

A List: Summer Hacks for 2021

1. Carrying a Water Bottle is a Must

water bottle

If you get tired quickly and experience a lack of energy after a grocery haul around the block, you must keep on replenishing the lost energy. Due to the sun’s heat (and climate change), people tend to lose a lot of water content from their bodies in terms of sweat. So, the best thing you can do to reverse the cycle is to keep drinking lots and lots of water from time to time. The next time you go out, make sure that you carry a stainless steel water bottle with you. Also, remember to quit the usage of plastic water bottles and go eco friendly with sustainable solutions! 

2. Have Seasonal Fruits


Somewhere or the other, there is always something that pulls us back to our childhood, especially habits or rituals being followed for years. Picking up a summer ice lolly or baking a gingerbread house during Christmas celebrations is hugely relatable for most people. One such etched memory is – having a basket full of ripe mangoes, a fridge full of cool watermelons and some black plum on a tray. Seasonal fruits have all the vitamins and minerals required for people to get through the season swiftly! So, make sure that you get your hands on all of these fruits and more, probably make a mixed smoothie out of them and take it in an insulated water bottle for the day!

3. Use a Sunscreen


Summers call for a separate skincare routine for you! The harsh truth about the sunny season in Asian countries is that it is somewhere or the other harnessed with tanning, skin damage and rashes. In a nutshell, the heat makes the skin go extremely rough and tough on you. So, getting a good sunscreen that suits you and comes with all the nutrients required to survive the weather is a must-have. 

4. Keep Your Exercise Routine Intact


It is normal to find it challenging to keep your exercise routine rolling and intact throughout the season. Workouts are directly proportional to fitness, burnt calories and often come with a byproduct – ‘sweat’. Who likes to sweat? No one! At the same time, it is essential to do what is required to maintain a healthy body. If you do not want to do the regular crunches and push-ups, get yourself near a swimming pool and enjoy a good hour full of fun and laps! Remember never to let the scorching heat drag you away from your workout regime!

5. Indulge Light but Effective Snacking


It is essential to maintain a healthy diet throughout the year. Just like avoiding chilled water in the winter season comes organically, one should always remember to pick the summers’ right staples. A snack does not necessarily always has to be a deep-fried bread roll or some fatty cutlets.  You can opt for some healthy snacking like fresh-cut fruits or some sugarcane lemon juice in drinkware. 

6. Get Back to Indoor Activities


For someone who hates going out in the sun, getting back to some indoor activities can be a great idea. How about some chess and ludo with your friends at home? Or a small gathering where you and your mates jam to some good old Bollywood Hindi numbers? Anything that keeps you and your loved ones together with a good time is always the right option! 

7. Keep Yourself Hydrated and Fresh

water bottle

There is nothing called too much water in the ‘summer season’. Remember to carry a good quality water bottle that will keep your water chilled and fresh for a fair amount of time wherever you go. A meeting at a nearby cafe or a run around the block, or long working hours on your desk in your room – having a water bottle is a must! Sip your drink now and then, as it will only keep you hydrated, fresh and healthy so that you can beat the heat! 

8. Wear Light Cotton Clothes


Get the bright floral sundress that you bought last year out of your almirah and make heads turn as you walk on the side road! It is time to get yourself back to all the light, flowy cotton dresses once again. Avoid any heavy, shimmery, silk clothes until and unless you are sure that they will not make you uncomfortable and fussy. 

9. Get Some Shades for the Sun


It might end up becoming a massive pain in your life if you have to go around the city throughout the day. So carry an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and maybe even a hat to pair up with your sundress every time you go out. A little shade is never always too bad! 

10. Go to the Beach 


Sandcastles, Seashells and Seafood is bound to remind you of beaches. Who wouldn’t love a breezy wind and a good read under a big umbrella? Or a picnic on the beach with some raspberry soda, sandwiches, cheesecake and some coconut water? Get your picnic baskets and beachwear ready because it is beach day today!

Final Statement

It is never the wrong time to do the right thing. So, get up, make yourself a refreshing watermelon fizz and rearrange your lifestyle if you do not wish to sulk throughout this summer. Lastly, remember to sip your drink and keep yourself hydrated throughout the season, as nothing is more important than having a lot of water!