When the rains pour down and the winds begin to blow for the third day in a row, it surely means the monsoon season has begun. And, with every monsoon comes the demand for comfort food – A casserole full of a comforting snack and steaming hot tea! That’s the kind of combination that makes you go all warm and happy, isn’t it?

Here are some of the best comfort food choices to enjoy while you’re enjoying the downpour!

  1. Vada Pav
    This Mumbai snack is super quick to prepare and perfectly designed to be eaten on the go or while huddling beneath a road side stand. Ordering vada pav will help you kill 10 minutes or so while you wait for a break in the weather.
  2. Mix Pakoda
    Chicken nuggets and French fries will never replace India’s love for the pakoda. Every Indian household is familiar with pakodas. Your grandma probably has her own special pakoda recipe which you truly miss during the worst of the downpours. The most incredible aspect of pakoda is the many different ways it can be made, each more delicious than the other. If you are cooking and storing for snack time, make sure to do so in a casserole or hot case, one that will keep the pakoras fresh and warm!
  3. Samosas
    Samosas, the stuffed and fried fritters are quite frankly, delicious. They come in a wide variety of flavors, but generally speaking, samosas can be broken down into two specific categories: savory and sweet. The true comfort food samosa is the savory variant. Stuff it full of all the spices, veggies, or even meat that you love, then sit back and enjoy. Pack them in a casserole to serve warm when hungry!
  4. Pav Bhaji
    Pav bhaji is amazing comfort food, whether you buy it on the street or make it at home. It is a top tier snack in the country. And just like majority of Indian food, pav bhaji tastes different depending on who is making it. The bhaji can be made in many different ways, depending on the vegetables you have in hand! Make a batch of bhaji and store it in an insulated hot case so you can quickly toast the pav in butter and enjoy the snack while it’s pouring outside!

In a country where having chai and a snack is an everyday ritual, it is not difficult to find shops that cater to this love for hot and spicy snacks. Have a casserole and a flask handy and ready for the monsoon season, so you can store the hot snacks and tea to relish while enjoying the weather and rain outside.