Ever wondered what can you do to save the planet and at the same time add some very important qualities of durability, construction, function and much more? Buy a flask or an Insulated Water Bottle to beat the heat, or keep the heat!

Reasons to Get Insulated Bottles

1. Insulated flasks come in stunning designs

insulated flask

Who wants to carry the boring transparent plastic bottles when you can get some designs on your bottle which will look more aesthetically pleasing? Insulated water bottles are the best fit when it comes to people who always want to make sure that they keep up with the trend or just for someone who wants to make their bottle a part of their Instagram life! 

2. Eco-Friendly Reusable Water Bottles

reusable water bottle

Insulated stainless steel water bottles also come with a silent message and bring a necessary agenda to save the environment. The bottles follow the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Also, they are durable, unlike plastic bottles which are mostly used, dumped, and are non-biodegradable. The insulated bottles and flasks often come with lifetime guarantees and they play a major role in helping the environment to breathe a little more but cutting down on the toxic skin of the plastic as according to the reports, 1 plastic bottle takes up to 1000 years to fully decompose.

3. Insulated Flasks Keep It Fresh and Just the Way You Like It


Insulated bottles also offers a win-win condition to you. The only thing which never changes like the weather, your mood, or your age is the bottle’s ability to keep your drink the way it was, hot remains hot, and cold remains cold. It is surely a great pick for people who like to keep their beverages handy and always on the go. May it be Cinnamon Spiced Tea, Strawberry Milkshake, Pomegranate Juice, Protein Supplements or just Water ( because let us just accept it that there are over a million downloads for the mobile application which reminds you to drink water and hydrate), with a thermos flask, you get it the way you pour it.

4. Beat Capitalism


Imagine what the world would be like if you stopped paying those extra few bucks to buy a bottle of water every time you went out? Well, the world would look prettier, as you won’t have to trash it at random places after use, you would help the world beat capitalism and stop the companies from charging you for something as necessary as water, one would also protect their kids from being fooled with the fancy mountain images on the plastic bottles because well, the sealed bottle of water is not from the glaciers directly.

5. Durability

water bottle

Insulated Bottles are made with stainless steel so they never rust, never lose their shine, and are indestructible. The items are 100% cost-effective, as a good quality bottle lasts you for a lifetime. Although, a little expensive than regular bottles but they absolutely justify the price that you pay for the quality that you get to use for years and years on end. You can keep on reusing the same bottle for all your occasions wherever you are, whenever you want, and most importantly with whatever you want. For all the times that you are late for your early morning meeting, your flask keeps your espresso hot, becomes your companion for all the long treks that you go for, finally the bottle becomes a part of your essential items.

6. Well-Constructed

well constructed

The bottles are constructed in a way that is easy to use, unlike most of the bottles which ending up leaking or are on most days difficult to open. So one can easily say goodbye to all those days when they opened their bag and found a bag full of cold coffee instead of a bottle full of cold coffee. Insulated bottles that are leak resistant are hence a great buy!

7. Flasks Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

size and shape

The Insulated bottles also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so if you want to carry it for smaller distances and need smaller quantities, you can get a smaller flask that serves the same purpose or if you want to take your thermos for a big long trip of hiking the Mount Everest, you can opt for the ones which can contain large amounts of liquid and keep it warm to give you that kick in the freezing cold weather at higher altitudes with steady servings. 

8. Maintains the Quality of the Product

Insulated Bottles are also a better option when it comes to analyzing the quality of the product that you are about to consume as it is seen that things kept inside plastic bottles often contain plastic fibers which are finally consumed by the people which later on affects the health on the long run. Therefore, plastic (that is not BPA free) is not only bad for the planet but for human beings and animals as well, as the chemicals, eventually mix into the bloodstream and can result in extremely bad health conditions which can eventually kill or leave lifelong effects. 

9. A Part of the New Trend


Carrying Insulated Water Bottles can be rightly said and be accepted as being a part of a trend, a motive for all the generations in order to save the planet and fight climate change. Who knows you can be the next changemaker, beat the system, help the planet and change the outlook of the people living in the world who will also in the right order let other people know about the benefits and eventually let the planet be safe and sound for a few more years longer. 

10. Your Best friend


Insulated Bottles literally top all the qualities of being your best friend because they are pretty, they can be with you throughout the day, or week or year, or the best part may be throughout your life (unless you lose it, or replace it with a better one, of course), they take care of your liquids, they help the environment, they don’t leak the liquids (yes, they keep secrets like your best friend or maybe better), often come with a small cute cup for you to sip when you are on the train which is passing through the beautiful green meadows and to sum it up, they make you proud as you have taken a step in the right direction.


The options are never-ending, from a steel thermos that will keep your drinks hot when you travel to a quirky gym sipper that will never leave your side even when you skip your gym routine. Basically, get one for you, gift one to another, and share.