Working out in the summers can be a bit difficult as you sweat a bit too much. But, nothing should stop you from being fit or chasing your way towards fitness. Exercising and burning out all the extra calorie intake from last nights ice cream should always be taken into 360-degree notice. In that case, one has to make the work out sessions a bit more fun and make room for your life to be slightly more accommodating with respect to the weather. So you do not have to be the one to take all the pain in the world just because you want a healthy lifestyle. Read this article if you want to know the top 5 tips for staying fit this summer. 

How to Stay Fit This Summer?

1. Grill Your Veggies


No one said that staying fit is directly proportional or limited to exercising only. Workouts are required, but they are not ideally the only task that we have to perform every single day. Preparing your meal is another activity that will require a lot of patience during the summers. Often, post-workout people crave some proteins or just something to eat (cheesecakes, pastries and puffs are the daily distractions), and that is when they have to make sure that they eat healthily. Oily or deep-fried food is something that we tend to avoid during the summer season, and we look for substitutes. So, the next time you have to pack something in your lunchbox or prepare a side dish with your steak dinner, grill some vegetables. Grilled vegetables require very little or no oil, give a smoky flavour and taste refreshing if you just squeeze a nip of some lemon. So, you know what to do next! You could also cook a batch of grilled vegetables and store them in an insulated casserole to have it later during the day!

2. Swimming


If you do not want to exercise or go to the gym, then start swimming. According to the reports, people who swim burn about 80-150 calories in just 10 minutes. Swimming does not only come with a star element to keep you physically fit, but it also makes sure that you release some mood uplifting endorphins that will naturally make you happy. Another exciting component for people walking into the fitness regime and finding it difficult to shed the first calories is that swimming makes the body feel lighter in the water. So, after some relaxing laps in the water, trying out some water aerobics can be a great start towards building a healthy body.

3. Eat a Lot of Fruits


The summer season calls for some extra fluids for your body. With the seasonal requirement comes the natural cure – the juicy summer fruits! If you want to make sure that you eat healthy while you exercise, replacing your synthetic protein shake with some natural fruit protein can be a great idea. So, start making a banana almond smoothie for your post-workout drink and carry it in a stainless steel water bottle. Apart from that, keeping a lunch box full of a mixed fruit salad can satiate your mid-day cravings in the middle of office hours. Fruits like mangoes, litchis, pineapples and cucumbers with a salt dash and some lemon can become your refreshing snack. A glass of sugarcane juice can do wonders on a summer day with some mint twigs as it beats dehydration and gives you a good dose of energy. You can have fruits as drinks, smoothies or just raw as a snack. So, make sure that you visit your local market as soon as possible so that you can get your hands on the fresh and super juicy produce. 

4. Drink Plenty of Water


Ensure that you finish all the water you carry in your thermos flask by the time you come back home from work. Nothing is as important in the summers as staying hydrated. It is essential to have a lot of water to replenish all the moisture you lost as sweat under the sun. The most common reason behind heat stroke, headaches, nausea is dehydration. Having at least 3 litres of water is a standard mark for healthy living. So, make sure that you always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Another healthy shift that you should be making if you are in using plastic bottles is switching to a good quality bottle for daily usage. According to the reports, plastic bottles have an element called BPA, which is very toxic and releases many harmful chemicals in the water under a direct heat source. So, switching to better alternatives this summer should indeed be one of your goals this summer. Look for safer and more profitable options like stainless steel water bottles, insulated flasks etc.

5. Exercise in the Morning


For someone who does not have access to a gym and relies entirely on running and open-air exercises, allocating an early morning routine for being in shape is the best idea. If you go out for a run at noon, after waking up at 10 am, your body will be devoid of many nutrients. The temperature touches the highest maximum when in the middle of the day, which will make you sweat more and result in easy dehydration and loss of energy. It is impossible to reach your target kilometres or complete your full workout with ease under the scorching heat of the sun. On the other hand, if you take your workout sessions as early as 5 am or 6 am, you will get more energy and get the fresh air with zero impact of polluted pigments. After all, the secret of your future lies in your daily routine. So make sure that you give yourself a little push and rise early and shine on! 


If you follow these five tips, you are in for a treat of getting the perfect summer body. The only key to a healthy and fit life, patience, perseverance and hard work! So, do not let the summer heat deter your spirits and carve your way to lead a wholesome life!