When it is time for your kids to return to school, you’re going to want to change up their lunch menu. A new school year, a new you, and new food recipes go together. With that in mind, here are several great traditional lunch box ideas that you can make for your kids.

Egg Paratha

Egg paratha is super easy to make and something that is probably already on your child’s list of comfort foods. It makes for a very healthy lunch box entrée that is centered around protein, and some of the best protein at that. Serve the egg paratha plain or in combination with pickles or your kid’s favorite curries.

Carrot Rice

Carrot rice is another dish that you probably don’t have to convince your children to actually eat. In fact, they probably will encourage you to go ahead and make it for lunch. It is also pretty easy and simple to prepare. All you really need is some shredded carrots and white rice. Pair it with a boiled egg or egg pepper fry to make a complete lunch box meal for your kids.

Spinach Pulao

A good pulao is never a bad choice. It is packed with energy and flavor, exactly what your child needs during their lunch break. The spinach also makes this a more than healthy meal thanks to the nutritional value of the spinach component. It is also very simple to prepare. You can just about cook this dish with your eyes closed (please don’t do that though). Pack some spinach pulao in an insulated lunchbox and your kid will ask for this meal at least once a week.

Broccoli Paneer Paratha

This is another paratha, except it focuses on the nutrients you get from broccoli instead of protein. Do not underestimate the power of broccoli. It is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and fiber, just to name a few of its essentials. Broccoli can reduce cholesterol, prevent cancer, improve bone health, and keep your heart functioning properly. 

Bombay Sandwich

All of you working adults out there have probably already experienced the famous Bombay sandwich. It is a wonderful sandwich filled with lots of fresh green veg and green chutney. Assuming your child won’t stain their clothes with all that green chutney, this is one of the best things for them to eat from their tiffin box, especially if you run a vegetarian household.

Chicken Kathi Roll

Chicken kathi roll is basically an Indian version of a taco or burrito. It is filled with everything wholesome that you might want: chicken, chapati, egg, and veggies. You can easily adjust it to suit your child’s taste or your healthy eating conditions. Pack this in a lunch box, one that comes insulated and will keep it warm until lunch time.