Sometimes you need a snack to get you through the workday. Snacks provide you with that little boost in energy that you need in those hours between lunch time and quitting time. They can also help regulate and boost the effectiveness of your metabolism and prevent you from overeating. Below are some of the best snacks to eat while at work, that also won’t interfere with your work.

1. Trail Mix

There’s nothing like a hefty bag of trail mix when it comes to snacking. Trail mix has just about everything that you could ever need, because it’s an amalgamation of the best snacks. If you prepare your own trail mix at home, you can make sure it includes everything you enjoy like, nuts, raisins or your favorite namkeen put together. there is no end to the variations of trail mix. But most importantly, you can eat trail mix while sitting at your desk. Just open the food jar and binge on your favorite mix of nuts and dried fruits. Make sure you pack your trail mix in an storage containers, one that will keep your nuts crispy and fresh!

2. Dried Fruits

If you like trail mix, you definitely like dried fruit, since about half of trail mix is essentially dried fruit. This is another one of those snack items with endless possibilities. And it’s easy to eat dried fruit on your job without it interfering with your work. Find an insulated jar that will keep the dried fruits locked away from air and moisture and you are sorted for some healthy munching at your desk!

3. Carrot and other vegetable sticks

Carrot sticks are one of the ultimate snack choices. They are extremely healthy as they have all the health benefits of carrots. Carrot sticks are also bite sized and have a wonderful crunch factor which can be very satisfying. You can also carry a few other vegetables like cucumber and beet, all sliced to eat comfortably at your desk

4. Yogurt

Yogurt are classic snack choices. They’re great for eating at work because they are light, easy to carry and make for a healthy snack. An insulated preserve will be perfect to keep your snack cold, just the way you would prefer to eat it. Also, with yogurt, the options are many, you can add seasonal fruits and make it flavored!

5. Roasted Foxnuts

Foxnuts or makhna is a healthier version of popcorn. Easy to make and easy to carry, foxnuts make for a perfect on-your-desk snack. Dry roasted foxnuts and ghee roasted foxnuts both taste great, and you could add seasoning as per your liking. Pack the crispy makhanas in an air-tight containers so it says fresh and crispy!

It helps when you have a small box of handy and healthy snack that you can munch on while you are working. It does help in killing your desire to eat something unhealthy and satiates your mid-day hunger pangs as well!