It is difficult to refuse paranthas with butter for breakfast, butter chicken for lunch, tacos as a snack and cheesy spaghetti for dinner. If you are someone who sits throughout the day in front of a laptop and works for 9 hours at a go, this kind of food makes you feel energetic and happy. But at the same time, it is necessary to regulate the number of calories and fat that we intake every day. One of the primary reasons for our dependency on junk food is that it is quickly and readily available. It takes about 3 mins to fry a packet of cheese shots, and 10 mins to finish a plate full of 44% fat, 42% carbs and just 14% proteins. Quitting fast food can be difficult, but prioritising your health by limiting random food habits is necessary. Check out a few tips and tricks to eating healthy.

1. Eat Vegetables, Fruits, Pulses and Grains


Start with having a balanced diet with a potato spinach curry, kidney beans, rice, and one fruit a day. Getting yourself acquainted with fresh seasonal vegetables helps you feel fresh and gives you far more energy than your everyday fast food. Check out some healthy recipes and get your casseroles on the table.

2. Avoid Processed Food


If you cannot cut down on the amount of processed food consumption, then there is no way for you to be living a healthy life in the long run. Processed foods are nothing but big chunks of trans fat, sodium, and hydrogenated oil. It is best to replace them with healthier options like a banana chip that you can make at home for a small snack instead of the big bag of potato chips. Invest in insulated food containers that will keep home made chips crisp and fresh for a longer period of time.

3. Eat in Small Quantities

small food

There is no rule book which says that you cannot eat the three meals of your day by splitting them six times. Contrary to popular belief, spitting your meals throughout the day is healthier. It helps you to keep your metabolism even throughout the day by not spiking your insulin levels. Simultaneously, it is smart to avoid the sudden urge to snack on a portion of fast food by filling yourself up in small breaks. So, store the meals you cook in sets of casseroles, so you can have short frequent meals throughout the day!

4. Drink Plenty of Water


Nothing beats the importance of water. People can go without food for weeks under unusual circumstances, but they can only survive for a few days without water. Dehydration affects your body rapidly. Water helps the nutrients to move to the cells and plays a significant role in digestion. Not drinking plenty of water can make you tired too quickly, and make your skin go dry. Make sure that you drink a lot of water and flush out all the toxins from your body.

5. Avoid Refined Food as Much as Possible


Eating home-cooked food is fair but eating home-cooked healthy food is excellent. One should know the ingredients well enough before consumption; white flour increases blood sugar levels and insulin, salt exposes us to cardiovascular diseases, and sugar increases the risk of diabetes. These are some of the raw day-to-day ingredients used in an Indian household. They pose a significant threat to hour health in the long run, but the issue’s severity never becomes a part of the discussion.

6. Do Not Eat Just Because You Are Stressed


It is a habit which most of the people have as a coping mechanism. A terrible breakup calls for sitting with a tub of ice cream on the bed with sad Bollywood songs, and a thriller movie is impossible without a big bowl of popcorn. It is normal to eat way more than usual quantities while you are stressed. Stress eating makes digestion difficult, so it is better not to take that turn at all. 

7. Exercise


Eating right and a little exercise goes hand in hand when it comes to healthy living. It is essential to monitor your weight and eating habits to have a cheat day to make your favourite dish and pack them in a hot box for lunch. After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

8. Make a Weekly Meal Plan

meal plan

If you are someone who hates procrastination and is always on the go, loves to make a task list and planners for months, then creating a weekly meal plan every Sunday will be attractive for you. Take a day, look at some new recipes, visit the local grocery store, buy what is in season, create a meal chart using your fresh ingredients, and have a healthy wholesome week! 

9. Avoid Stuffing Yourself


If you keep on cooking your meals, you will get the hang of the taste scales. After a point, you can make a great curry which is healthy but delicious at the same time. But just because it is healthy and tasty does not mean that you have to finish the curry’s whole pot. Overeating than your capacity also inflicts indigestion. So keep your extra curry in a hot box and eat it later when you are hungry.

10. Fruits and Salads


Having a smoothie bowl that looks great, tastes good and is exceptionally healthy is a perfect way to start your day. A salad serving bowl full of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, Olives with some chicken strips, drizzled with olive oil can be the ideal snack for you. Replace the amount of junk food with smoothies and salads. The bowls are fresh, light and have hydrating power. Make the change and check yourself in a few days!

Final Words

If you want to have a fit body and healthy skin, you need to change your routine. Creating a shift towards a healthy lifestyle is not a one day process; it takes time, effort and dedication. Eating right is the first step towards living a life free of worries. The changes are visible and last lifelong. Once, you adapt to the eating habits and follow the tips; you would naturally have more energy and get sick less often. Start your revolution for yourself and your life today by eating the right food at the right time and in proper quantities!