The Summer Season essentially asks you to put away all your sling bags, clutches and get your big fat tote bags out. Since you need to carry so many things when you go out in the blistering heat of the sun, you must be having a checklist of all the things that you would need to get through the day. If you do not have a list yet, make sure to read this article to know what you would need to make your way through this season! 

Tick Your Summer Essentials with Us

1. A Reusable Water Bottle

water bottle

One such item that will be universal whenever you ask anyone about their summer essentials list is a water bottle. It is nearly impossible to go around the city without having water at all. The best thing you can do is carry an insulated water bottle with some chilled beverage, maybe a spicy lemonade. Remember to do your bit for the environment and avoid buying or using a plastic water bottle to quench your thirst. Such bottles are not eco-friendly and will cause an added issue for the environment. At the same time, the bottles contain BPA – (a toxic chemical), and that will, in turn, harm you! According to research, BPA increases the chances of cancer, kidney issues etc., in women! Ensure that you get your hands on sustainable options like stainless steel water bottles as they are safe and maintain your drink’s temperature. 

2. Handkerchief, Umbrella and Some Sunglasses


Imagine being out on the streets, and with each minute, you are feeling the constant heat in the form of sweat! Well, that is a disaster as at that time, all that you want is an air conditioner or a giant pool full of ice water that you can jump into right away. Since that is not possible, the next best alternative is to carry some shades to protect your eyes, an umbrella to get you some shade and a handkerchief so that you can wipe all your sweat and get rid of all the worries. 

3. Fruit Box

fruit box

Some light snacking is crucial if you have a long day in front of you. Summers are not quite nice if you want to indulge in deep-fried food, pizza and some meaty burgers. This is when you need something refreshing that will boost your metabolism and push you on a cloud of energy, and nothing tops as much as fruits! So, get some seasonal fruits and carry them in a good quality lunch box or insulated food containers for the day!

4. Skincare Items and Wet Wipes


The requirements of your skin change every day, even if it is a tiny change. Talking about the seasons, the skin requirements vary evidently. Winters is when you need more moisture as the weather becomes dry and lacks humidity, and on the other hand, summertime is when your skin craves some freshness and protection from the harmful sun rays. So, make sure that you carry sunscreen with SPF that suits your skin and provides you with the protection you require. Don’t forget to have some wet wipes if your skin gets too oily and you need some refreshment! 

5. Choose the Right Bag


This season stop thinking about what will look right with your outfit and instead go for something that will fulfil your requirements. It is impossible to fit all your summer essentials in a tiny sling bag or a clutch. What you need is a big tote bag in bright summer colours that has ample space and comes with long straps to fit all your things!

6. Deodorant


Summers mean sweat, and sweat means a foul odour. It is a known fact that your first impression goes for a toss if you do not smell nice, and that can become a massive reason behind all your probable achievements and opportunities. Don’t let a trivial reason become a barrier between you and your success, pop in a mini deodorant in your bag and be the star of all your meetings!

7. Rubberbands


A mistake in the summer season is to let your hair down. No one wants to have a head full of messy hair all over the place and leaves a bad smell. So, make sure that you always tie up your hair with a rubber band and carry an extra pair of hairpins and hair ties in your bag so that you have one when your friends are dying of the summer heat. You can also check some cool hairstyles and give yourself a new look every day just to sass up your complete outfit! 

8. A Set of Extra Clothes


Let’s just accept the truth that summer sweat does not have a set territory in one part of your body. If you are unable to take the heat and probably have to travel a long route to your destination, it is always a good idea to carry an extra pair of clothes that you can change right before you step in for your meeting. 

9. Mini Face Wash

face wash

There is always a mini version of everything available in the market. No one wants to have a face dripping with dirt and oil pores. So, if you are tensed about your skin becoming too oily in the summer season, then carrying a mini face wash in your bag will save your day. All you need is a splash of water and a tip of face wash to help you beat the heat! 

10. Scarf


Summer is the season for floral scarfs and bandanas. So get yourself a boho look this time with chic attire and pair it up with a cute bandana and embrace the weather! Make sure that you check out the different types and styles using which you can highlight your scarf! 

Final Statement

It is essential to sit down and assess all your requirements before you go out of your house. The needs differ from person to person, and this article is full of the main essentials that you just cannot do away with! So make sure that you enjoy the summer and care for yourself! Lastly, never forget to carry your drinkware and hydrate yourself!