A lunch break is one of the most underappreciated, yet important concepts in most work cultures. You might be wondering what the big deal is. Maybe in your mind, lunch break is simply a block of time set aside for you to get a little bit of food into your system. Well, you would be technically correct; lunch break is the time employers set aside for a person to eat as a standard practice. The sprit of a lunch break is however taking some time off your work to rest and nourish yourselves, both body and mind!

Why lunch is an important meal of the day?

A case can be made that lunch is the most important meal of the day. It is your midday pick-me-up. It is also the most important meal of the day simply because it provides your body with much-needed energy during the most active part of your day. Since it performs such an important function, it is safe to say, that what you eat for lunch is just as important as actually taking a lunch in the first place.

You need to avoid heading to the eateries, restaurants or vending machine for your lunch. If you’re eating an energy bar in the place of a healthy meal, you’re doing your lunch wrong. The entire point of taking a lunch break is to reenergize yourself. A candy bar will give you short term energy followed by a nice sugar crash at the end. A healthy lunch will give you lots of energy without sending your body into a tailspin. The best way to treat lunch is to pack your own lunch at home. All you need is to know how to cook any type of meal and a good stainless steel tiffin box.

When you choose your lunchbox well, half your lunch is done well. Avoid choosing unsafe plastic for lunchboxes, on a long run these do not work well and start leaching chemicals in your food. An insulated lunchbox is your best bet to carry hot or cold meal for lunch. While you are choosing, ensure you look for leak-resistant and perfectly sized lunchbox in which you can carry all that you would like to eat mid-day! It’s important to take a moment, sit right there, and really appreciate that you have a lunch break, because you deserve one! Check out the all new Vaya lunch box online.