With kids spending more time at home because of the ongoing pandemic, it can become a little overwhelming for the parents and caretakers to keep them entertained at all times. Here are 3 activities that you can involve kids in apart from their routine activities like reading, playing and napping!

1. Cooking – Kids might surprise you when involved in cooking. There are several activities in cooking that can be safely handled by kids, under adult supervision. Right from planning the menu, sorting all the ingredients to even peeling and chopping vegetables, kids can be kept occupied in the kitchen. You can also get them involved in setting up the table, and cleaning up afterwards.

2. Organizing – Right from making their beds to tidying up their room and organizing their wardrobes, kids can be involved in these activities. It will help them take a necessary break from screen time, and will motivate them towards being mindful as well. This is also the best time to teach them how to use a washing machine, how to line dry and fold clothes.

3. Gardening – This is one activity which the kids will get to do outdoors, on your balcony or even terrace. Right from planting new saplings to watering plants every day, kids will be enthusiastic in doing most gardening activities. Ensure kids are wearing face masks when they are gardening outdoors, and this could also be a great time to teach them about the importance of planting trees, climate change and sustainability!


While kids are spending an entire day at home, it is probably the best to involve them in everyday chores to keep them entertained. Apart from reading books, playing games or puzzles and taking a nap, kids can participate in activities like baking, cooking and gardening.